British American Tobacco Marketing Intern Resume Example

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British American Tobacco Marketing Intern Resume Example
Position Overview:

Marketing Intern

Marketing Interns are usually young individuals, recent university graduates, wishing to build a career in social media and marketing. Usually, the company which hires a marketing intern will specify what exactly their expectations are for them, but general responsibilities of the job are the preparation of promotional presentations, monitoring social media, and performing market analysis. Things that are general requirements of any marketing job are excellent communication skills, multitasking, and even organizational ability. It also helps to have some formal background in marketing, as employers prefer to hire someone with in-depth knowledge of specific sector techniques and social platforms. Marketing Interns in the UK are usually paid around £1,656 per month.

Company Overview:
British American Tobacco

As of 2019, British American Tobacco is the biggest multinational manufacturer of cigarettes, tobacco, and other nicotine products. It also has the biggest retail operations globally based on net sales. Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, and Rothmans are among its popular cigarette brands. The firm also has a hand in more modern areas of the industry, particularly with brands Vype, Vuse, and Glo. People who wish to work in the industry will find that BAT is a great international working environment, but that the work may get politically charged at the level of the head office. That, however, seems to be a by-product of the nature of this sector.

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How to write your own Marketing Intern resume?

1. Adequately point out the formal requirements that you fulfill

As we’ve mentioned, interns are usually people just coming out of university. This means that the formal requirement of a higher-level education is something very fresh to put on your resume. 

Try to make the best of this space. If your degree is something extremely relevant to the company which you are sending your application to or simply relevant to marketing as a field, be sure to write down the name of the program and maybe provide a description of any highlights of the curriculum. Something like large practical projects you had to complete and the like. Even something as ‘basic’ can give you an advantage in the application process.

2. List tools and skills which will undoubtedly be useful for the position

Marketing work is very much an everyday-office deal. That means anyone applying for these jobs will mostly find themselves in front of a computer, reading articles, creating spreadsheets, and writing reports. These skills may seem like they are benign, but it is exactly that which gives you additional opportunity to stand out.

Any extra skills that you have in performing these tasks is likely to place you above the rest of the crowd of applicants. Be sure to showcase any such potential detail. It will signal recruiters that by hiring you, they may be getting a better ‘bang for their buck’.

Marketing Intern Resume Skills Example

  • "Microsoft Office - Very Good"

  • "Network - Very Good"

  • "Photoshop - Sufficient"

3.  Add ‘extra’ sources which you derive knowledge from

Creating promotional presentations for clients or your own employer requires a lot of input and outside information. The way one learns about market trends and popular themes is crucial to how successful one is at doing marketing.

Hence, definitely describe or indicate how you get your general overview, so that you may be able to contribute to campaigns comprehensively in your reports but also in simple office meetings. Having continuous general knowledge of ‘what’s going on’, especially on the internet, is bound to demonstrate your readiness to perform well in the job. Even something like your hobbies can easily convey this kind of message to a recruiter.

Marketing Intern Resume Hobbies Example

  • "Travelling, Listening to music, Reading books"

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