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Your chosen path lends itself well to creating the kind of auditor resume that will land you any job. Follow our useful tips and samples and write a top-notch auditor resume with ease.
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Nikoleta Kuhejda
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Last updated: Oct. 26, 2023
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Senior Internal Auditor CV Sample
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How to build the perfect auditor resume

Whether you're an aspiring auditor looking for your first job or a seasoned professional in the field, having a standout auditor resume is essential to capture the attention of recruiters.

Crafting an effective resume is a lot like conducting an audit itself—it requires precision, organization, and attention to detail. 

While you may not be a salesperson, effectively marketing your skills to your target audience is key. But rest assured, our guide will equip you with the strategies to craft an auditor resume that sets you apart from the competition and highlights your strengths effectively. 

Read on and learn how to:

  • Craft a strong professional summary for your auditor resume
  • Select the best auditor hard and soft skills
  • Tailor your auditor work experience section to a specific role
  • Make your auditor resume shine with a strong education section
  • Include relevant extra sections in your auditor resume

1. How to craft a compelling professional summary for your auditor resume

Crafting a compelling resume summary or objective as an auditor depends on your years of experience in the field. If you've accumulated over two years of experience, a resume summary is your go-to. If not, opt for a resume objective. 

Despite their slight differences, both serve the same purpose—providing a quick yet impactful snapshot of your qualifications to hiring managers.

To make your auditor resume summary a standout, focus on quantifiable achievements from the get-go. Highlight your auditing accomplishments related to cost savings, performance enhancements, or any positive metrics you can back up with figures.

Here's an example of a strong auditor resume summary

Experienced auditor with over 7 years of experience in conducting financial assessments and audits. Successfully led and completed more than 50 audits, resulting in improved internal controls and significant cost savings for clients. Proficient in identifying and resolving discrepancies, reducing financial risks by 20%. Skilled in analyzing financial statements and identifying opportunities for process optimization, leading to a 15% increase in efficiency. Adept at managing complex audit engagements and delivering high-quality reports within strict deadlines.

For a resume objective, place the spotlight on your qualifications and express your career goals

Don't hesitate to showcase achievements outside the corporate world, such as voluntary work or freelance contracts, especially if your professional history is relatively short. These experiences can still hold substantial value in demonstrating your capabilities and commitment.

Here’s an example of an effective auditor objective for your resume

Detail-oriented and motivated auditor with a solid foundation in accounting principles, gained through academic coursework and hands-on experience in voluntary audit projects for local nonprofits. Eager to leverage my financial acumen and commitment to accuracy in the role of Junior Auditor at [Company Name]. Dedicated to supporting financial transparency and integrity while continuously expanding my auditing skills in a professional setting.

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2. How to choose the most relevant auditor skills for your resume

Including both hard and soft skills on an auditor resume is crucial for showcasing your qualifications and abilities in the field.

Hard skills demonstrate your technical expertise and proficiency in performing specific tasks related to auditing. They essentially validate your competence in areas such as financial analysis, data auditing, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. What’s more, they are tangible and measurable

On the other hand, soft skills play a significant role in your effectiveness as an auditor. These skills include communication, attention to detail, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

The best hard skills for your auditor resume

  • Financial analysis
  • Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Taxes
  • Asset management
  • Payroll
  • Compliance
  • Collections

Effective soft skills to put on your auditor resume

  • Communication (verbal and written)
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management

These are the kinds of skills that most employers hope their candidates have, so you might as well put their minds at ease and fill them with confidence by acknowledging that you have them from the outset!

Remember, tailoring your skills section to match the specific requirements of the auditing job you're applying for can significantly increase your chances of success.

3. How to tailor your auditor work experience section to a specific role

If you want to succeed in finding a new role as quickly as possible, break free from the notion that your resume is a static, unchanging document.

Auditing jobs aren't challenging to come by—they've been on a growth trajectory for many years, and with more companies, money, and data around than ever before, that's unlikely to slow down. However, you shouldn't assume that a considerable number of roles means you could walk into a job at any moment.

The best way of all to stand out is to ensure your resume works for the job you want.

You have the job description, but that alone isn't enough, especially if you're aiming for larger companies. Take the extra steps to explore their website, follow their social media, learn about their values and what drives them as a company. 

Once you have a deep understanding of the company, it's time to evaluate how your unique auditing skills and expertise can directly contribute to their success in the specific role you're applying for. 

Skillfully weave these contributions into your work experience section, strategically including keywords from the job description to highlight your perfect fit for the position.

Here’s an example of a standout auditor work experience section for your resume

LRM International, LLC, Brussels, Belgium
Senior Auditor

  • Conducted financial audits for high-profile clients, including Fortune 500 companies, ensuring compliance with GAAP and industry regulations.
  • Lead a team of three junior auditors, providing guidance, training, and overseeing their audit processes.
  • Identified and communicated audit findings and recommendations to clients, resulting in process improvements that saved clients an average of $500,000 annually.
  • Developed and implemented data analytics tools, reducing audit time by 20% and increasing accuracy.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including legal and compliance, to address regulatory concerns and maintain transparency.

4. How to make your auditor resume shine with a strong education section

An education section plays a significant role in your auditor resume, showing your readiness for the job. 

Whether you hold a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or certifications like a CPA, your educational background highlights your qualifications and lends credibility to your financial analysis and auditing skills. 

What’s more, many job listings specify certain educational requirements, so including your academic achievements ensures you meet these criteria. 

If you possess specialized knowledge, such as expertise in forensic accounting or IT auditing, it's an added advantage. Even if you're just starting your career, your educational accomplishments indicate your eagerness to learn. 

Here’s an example of a well-structured education section for your auditor resume

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

  • XYZ University
  • Graduated in May 2017
  • Notable Achievement: Awarded First Place in University-Wide Financial Analysis Competition

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Certification obtained from [Certification Body]

Additional Expertise

  • Auditing Principles, Financial Analysis, Forensic Accounting

5. Include relevant extra sections in your auditor resume

It's standard practice to keep a resume short and sweet. Ideally, it won't be any longer than a single page. However, if you've got space to spare or something you really want the hiring manager to know about, don't be shy about going above and beyond.

This is particularly pertinent in the auditing world, as most resumes can end up looking similar. That's not to say that auditors come off a production line, but their qualifications, education, and experience can often follow similar trajectories.

You can overcome this by considering relevant skills that might not be commonplace among the professional auditing community, including:

  • Additional languages beyond your native one
  • Specific projects you've played a role in
  • Relevant interests outside the workplace
  • Volunteering activities

Here's an example of how to list an extra section in an auditor resume

Volunteering activities

Volunteer Auditor, XYZ Nonprofit Organization, City, State

  • Conducted financial audits for the organization's annual fundraising events, ensuring adherence to financial policies and procedures.
  • Collaborated with the finance team to identify areas for improvement in financial controls and provided recommendations for enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • Assisted in the preparation of financial statements and reports, contributing to the organization's annual financial review process.

Key findings

  • In your auditor resume summary, include quantifiable achievements, emphasizing accomplishments like cost savings, performance enhancements, or other positive metrics supported by figures.
  • Select both hard and soft skills for your resume, showcasing your technical expertise and personal attributes relevant to auditing.
  • Tailor your skills section to align with the specific requirements of the auditing job you're applying for, increasing your chances of success.
  • Always ensure that your work experience section is aligned with the job you desire, selecting the right keywords and adding quantifiable achievements.
  • Highlight your educational achievements and auditing qualifications prominently in the education section of your resume.
  • Consider including extra sections in your resume, such as volunteer work, to demonstrate transferable skills relevant to your potential auditing position.

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Published on Jan. 19, 2022
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