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Pharmacy Business Manager CV Example (Volle Textversion)

Bill Weld

Date of birth: 1999-11-09
Email address:
GSM: 999-999-999

Work experience

01/2015 - present, Operational Manager, Elliyas Medical Store

I was handling 2 Medical Representatives and 1 Surgical Business Developer. Daily Auditing their work, discussing key strategies to achieve their monthly targets. Doing both on field training and office training on products.

Business Development & Sales:

*Bringing in new companies for distribution by negotiating with the key decision makers of the companies.

*Constantly finding out the need gap in the market and search for the products which can serve those needs.

*Tackle regulatory challenges pertaining to new company registration.

*Setting up new business units in the company to increase revenue.

*Monitor sales and manage operational challenges of the business units and report to the Managing directors, board of directors and The chairman.

04/2010 - 11/2014, Medical Representative, Novartis Pharma
09/2007 - 09/2009, Hospital Pharmacist, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
02/2007 - 08/2007, Medical Representative, Al Farabi Pharmacy (Plethico Pharma)
05/2005 - 02/2007, Pharmacist, Al Farabi Pharmacy
02/2004 - 05/2005, Urology Executive, Ranbaxy Stancare
05/2001 - 02/2004, Territory Business Developer, Abbott India Ltd
04/2000 - 05/2001, Associate women's Healthcare -sales, Foreva Unichem Labs
04/2000 - 04/2005, Co-owner/ Pharmacy Manager- Part time, Stanley Medicals, Chennai, India


06/1996 - 04/2000, Pharmacy, The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Kanchipuram, India


* Best Sales Performance for the year 2003 in Abbott India Ltd in Tamilnadu & Kerala Territory

* Best Pharmacy Award 2006 from MOH of Oman

* Introduced Electronic patient filing system and control drug system in SQUH Pharmacy in 2007

* Best Sales Performance and highest Incentive earner for 2012-2013 in Novartis Pharma.

* Registered a Medical device company in MOH Oman in 2015 with Elliyas Medical Store

* Registered 3 UK wholesalers in MOH of Oman in 2015 Elliyas Medical Store.

Work Experience Graph

Pharma Sales experience - 63%
Pharmacist Experience - 25%
Managerial Experience - 12%


Loyalty to the Company and Profession
Focused on Project or task taken
Delegating the work and follow up
To Finish Task Before the deadline
Ethical & Compliance in every task
Arriving at solutions to all problems


Following Astronomy
Scientific Information
Electronic Gadgets
Reading Biography
Cricket Umpiring


Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, 999-999-999
Retired from Nizwa University, 999-999-999


07/2017, Lean Six Sigma- Yellow Belt, PQLS Quality Consultant, Chennai
  • Ability to Apply Six Sigma Principles in Pharmacy Profession
  • Ability to Apply Six Sigma Principles in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing

Pharmacy Business Manager

A Business Manager’s primary role is supervising and leading a company’s operations and employees. This encompasses a bunch of tasks to ensure productivity and efficiency, including the implementation of business strategies and evaluation of the company’s performance. A Pharmacy Business Manager does all this, they just specialize in running pharmacies. That means they might take on some unusual responsibilities as well. Filling and checking people’s prescriptions to ensure proper procedures were followed, for example. These individuals usually hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Business or some related field, outstanding leadership abilities, great communications skills, and up-to-date knowledge of current business policies and regulations.


Built on the principle of providing workforce solutions for candidates and clients from the healthcare, scientific, and IT sectors, Medix has been able to build up a strong resume in the field. Their full-service offerings allow them to cater to clients’ specific needs, providing them with seasoned professionals on a contract-to-hire and direct-hire basis. With a pronounced mission that fundamentally aims to help make lives better, workers feel like they are part of something truly important, especially with the support they get from the management. Long hours are something you may have to take into account, as it is simply tied to working in this industry.

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