Junior Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example

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Junior Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Manuel Webern

Jarx Technologies, Inc.
Houston, TX, United States
Application for the position of Junior Mechanical Engineer

To whom it may concern,

It is an honor and a privilege for me to be applying for the Junior Mechanical Engineer job within Jarx Technologies, Inc. If given the opportunity, I will be coming to you with a pro-active approach, exceptional work ethic, and the important ability to work and function well independently or in a team setting.

I am a results-oriented professional possessing a strong attention to detail and accuracy and well-developed multitasking and organizational skills. At Subsystem Technologies, Inc., I worked on the multiple assigned engineering projects simultaneously and assisted Senior Mechanical Engineers with various tasks as required. Some of my daily duties included designing mechanical parts, completing technical drawings and sketches, conducting detailed failure analysis, and I also represented the company at various industry events. What's more, I was awarded Employee of the Month once for finishing all projects within schedule and in a timely manner.

Having studied Mechanical Engineering at the North Carolina State University, I possess an extensive knowledge of multiple aspects of this field. At the university, I was not only among the top 10% of students with the best academic results but I was also engaged in multiple extracurricular activities, such as Engineering Society, Physics Society, and Table Tennis Club. I am a native German speaker with a proficiency in English and French. Speaking of software programs, I am skilled in using Mathcad, Python, MATLAB, MechaniCalc, CATIA, and MechDesigner at an expert level. Finally, I am a Certified Engineering Technologist seeking a job opportunity where I can grow both professionally and personally.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Manuel Webern

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