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Allocation Analyst Cover Letter Example (Textversion)

Livars Lasmanis

MIERE Group, Inc.
Montreal, QC, Canada
Application for the position of Allocation Analyst

Dear Hiring Managers,

I was pleased to discover that you are seeking to fulfill the Allocation Analyst position within MIERE Group, Inc. which has been promoted on as I believe that the combination of my career history, field expertise, and developed skills set makes me a perfect candidate for the role. Furthermore, I believe that I would become a valuable addition to your team and company.

First of all, I am the University of Montreal graduate with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. At the university, I was among the top 2% of students with the best academic results and I was also pro-actively involved in multiple extracurricular activities, for instance, FinTech Society, Riding Club, and TEDx Club. The engagement in these clubs has allowed me to develop exceptional analytical skills and allowed me to become a great team player and leader.

On top of my education, I am a Certified Production and Inventory Manager experienced with all software programs necessary for the role, including NetSuite ERP, Cin7, and Vend. Having worked as an Allocation Analyst at Certers, Inc. for over two years, I am fully adept at all aspects of the job. There, I was mainly in charge of developing and implementing new merchandise strategies and plans, monitoring and analyzing the sales performance, and conducting sales forecasts. Additionally, I identified customer trends, maintained and managed relevant documents and records, and trained and coordinated new employees. For constantly executing perfect work, I was awarded the Employee of the Month once. Finally, I am a native Latvian speaker with a proficiency in English and a basic knowledge of Chinese.

Thank you for considering my application.

Kind regards,

Livars Lasmanis

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