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Position Overview:

Computer Science Student

Computer science students spend most of their studies and academic experience on the development of skills which are necessary for work with software systems, application development, software engineering, and design. There is a wide array of prospective career paths within computer science. Whether you choose programming, network development or system analysis, you will always find yourself dealing with the principles of mathematics, engineering and science.

How to write your own Computer Science student resume?

1. Include internships/volunteering experience

"It's never too early to start looking and applying for internships!" As a university student, you have probably heard this advice from older students and professors over and over again. And it's true. Even though you are "just" a student now, real work experience may be a deciding factor in whether you will or will not get your dream job in the future. Then, after finishing the internship, don't forget to describe it in your resume. It will show your potential employer that you do not only focus on education but also thrive to get real work experience. You can also include Volunteering positions and Summer jobs, if relevant. 

Computer Science Student Internships/Volunteering Experience Example

Software Engineering Intern / Microsoft (07/2016 – 09/2016)

  • "Designed and implemented a productivity add-on for Office using C# and VSTO in .NET framework to automate and synchronize activity reporting. Created testing and demonstration suites for software."

2. Describe relevant technical skills

Don't spend all the time focusing on only a few resume sections, such as Profile and Work Experience but also try to make other sections good and appealing too. One of these should contain the skills and abilities you have. As mentioned above, only include relevant things. For instance, in this example, you should mention all software/computer applications you know how to use, and at what level you can use them. You can also describe other abilities which you feel are important and should not be left out, such as Interpersonal Skills, Languages, etc. Just, remember don't make this section too long!

Computer Science Student Technical Skills Example

  • "C++ - Intermediate"

  • "JavaScript - Intermediate"

  • "Java - Expert" 

  • "HTML - Intermediate"

  • "Python - Beginner"

3.  Mention academic awards and honors

It is good to be able to show the Hiring Managers that you were working hard during university and high school years. This can be done through including all awards which you have won and the accomplishments you have made in your resume. Did you win the Principal's Award? Did you have the best GPA? Were you a Valedictorian? Mention it in your resume!

Computer Science Student Awards and Honors Example

  • "The 2016 Dean's Award winner for achieving exceptional academic results"

  • "The 2012 Best Graduate Award winner"

  • "The 2011 Headteacher's Award winner for the 1st prize in the National Math Olympiad"

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