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Full Stack Developer CV Sample
Position Overview:

Full Stack Developer

There are multiple types of programmers in the world from front-end and back-end professionals to specialized application developers and software testers. With that being said, at some point in your IT career path, you will probably choose which area to focus on. Well unless you're passionate about every aspect of the software development process. If that's your case then becoming a full stack developer might be the best option for you since these professionals have functional knowledge and extensive experience in diverse and basically all aspects of computer software development. Simply said, they are able to take a concept and turn it into a finished product.

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How to write your own Full Stack Developer resume?

1. Let your Accomplishments speak for themselves

If you are looking for a full stack developer job you are probably not a fresh graduate who is desperately trying to attract the hiring managers' attention. You have probably worked on numerous projects and nobody questions your ability to code. That's why, instead of simply explaining all your job responsibilities, you should pack the work experience section of your resume with the projects you have participated in or event managed throughout the years. This will highlight your qualities and will show to your potential employer that you are a person who is able to lead all assigned projects to the successful end.

Full Stack Developer Accomplishments Example

  • "Developed a full-stack web application, "RenewU", using React that allows users to explore various aspects of meditation. User's progress is stored on a backend created using Node and MongoDB."

  • "Developed a language learning app, "Foodie Phonetics" using spaced repetition and a linked list data structure. React was used to create the front end components while Node and Mongo were used to create a backend that stores user data."

  • "Developed a concierge app, "Pley", for individuals looking for curated suggestions when visiting a new place. React was used to develop the front end which includes real-time chat, drag and drop and variety of advanced features. The backend, built using Node, Express, and Mongo, takes advantage of well-developed RESTful API, Geospatial searching, and user authentication with JWT."

2. List all relevant technical skills

There are not many positions where the skills section of your resume is so important. Moreover, the hiring managers in the IT industry are usually looking for a person with expertise in a particular programming language or software program and not mentioning all relevant computer skills may cost you the job since the recruiters will assume that you are not familiar with the software. That's why you should include all relevant computer programs you can use and also at what level you can use them.

Full Stack Developer Computer Skills Example

  • "JavaScript - Intermediate"

  • "CSS - Intermediate"

  • "HTML - Intermediate"

  • "React - Intermediate"

3. Begin with a Heading Statement

Do not start your resume with the work experience section or education. The very top place of it should be dedicated to the profile summary/resume objective. This short but very important part provides a great opportunity to adjust your resume to the specific job description. Don't skip this step thinking it's not necessary because it can truly push your resume to the next level.

Full Stack Developer Profile Example

  • "Performance-driven and motivated Full Stack Developer with 10+ years of extensive experience in participating in all phases of software development. Adept at managing and supervising other employees and determined to achieve extraordinary results. Possess a strong attention to detail, well-developed time management skills, and ability to complete all projects within schedule and in a timely manner."

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