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Software Engineer Resume Sample (Hired) (Full Text Version)

Conner Aiken

Address: Kent, Washington
Date of birth: 1993-02-06
Phone number: contact hidden


Hello! I am Conner and I am a software engineer working on web applications and web infrastructure. I have been developing professionally for 5 years but tinkering since a kid. I started in tech with internships, freelance services and part time positons during college.

I have a bit off a diverse job history. I have had positions in help desk, graphic/web design, web app development and sysadmin/devops. I can help everywhere in the stack and I love wearing multiple hats to an extent. Although, I do think my most strongest skills are in software engineering and server administration.

Most of my positions utilized agile-like development processes using JIRA/TFS. I am also a certified scrum master with ScrumAlliance.

A day in my life may consist of: prepping web art, fixing some front-end bugs, adding an API endpoint, dockerizing an application, database design, configuring a unit or ui test library, setting up a build or deployment plan, provisioning a test tier machine or feature work when I am lucky.

Work experience

10/2017 - present, Software Engineer II, Allen Institute, Seattle, Washigton

At my current position, I am working on 3D and 2D data visualization web apps for brain and cellular research. We use technologies such as: Three.JS, D3, React and NodeJS. We have a ton of python code but I have not had the opportunity to work on any python projects.

In addition to full stack development, I also working on a lot of dev-ops tasks. I have helped set up a lot of our unit, ui and build/deploy plans. Also other process improvement tasks like JIRA transition workflows, slack notification services and BitBucket/JIRA/GitHub API services. We utilize ansible for our automation, bamboo for our build/deployment, bitbucket for our git repositories and confluence/github pages for our documentation. We manage portions of our CentOS test/internal tier as well.

01/2015 - present, Web Application Developer, Fitted Technology, Seattle, Washington

Fitted Tech is my sole proprietorship. Through it, I offer web development and graphic design services a few times a year. Most of my clients ask for front end development. Mainly, business portfolio websites.

02/2017 - 10/2017, Developer, Quorum Review, Seattle, Washington

At my previous job, I was responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining mostly internal web applications. I collaborated with technical and business staff in the design, development, testing, implementation and production support of enterprise applications.

We primarily used MEAN Stack. 40% of my work was doing front end development, 40% back end development and the remaining 20% was dev-ops/sys admin related tasks. We had a few sys admins for a 300 person+ company. They were very swamped so I was occasionally asked to do things such as migrating test database data between environments, doing jenkins builds/minor build plan tweaks, configuring webpack/or ui/unit testing frameworks.

12/2015 - 02/2017, Developer, Bio-Tech Medical Software Inc., Olympia, Washington

At Bio-Tech, I was working on PHP, Javascript (AngularJS and vanilla) and Perl based services and applications.

Some of my web apps included: Digital menuboards, mobile/desktop business dashboards, online website plugins and APIs. I was also responsible for the managing my team's web infrastructure, seo, marketing and website design. Most of the servers I dealt with were Debian/Ubuntu and I utilized DigitalOcean for off-site hosting.

01/2014 - 05/2015, Mac Lab Assistant, Concordia University: Irvine, Irvine, California

At my first university, I was a help desk technician in our mac lab. Outside of class, I helped students with printer, device and software issues.

05/2014 - 01/2015, Web Application Engineer, Technijian Inc, Irvine, California

At my first full stack job, I was doing front-end development with HTML, CSS, Javascript and back-end development with PHP. We utilized MySQL and PostGres. In addition to development, I also helped with end-user support for stakeholders and designated end users when escalated above our support teams.

For the last half of this position, I led a team of 3 developers for our company's largest web app contract: a fitness video and recipe center for Ultimate Fighting Championship's gyms.

12/2013 - 05/2014, Intern, Third Stone Media, Irvine, California

Third Stone Media provided me with an internship where I found my passion for programming and web development. They offer web development and graphic design services. I was responsible for design mockups, content management and Wordpress theme customization. Most of the wordpress work was theme configuration and CSS changes.


2015 - 2016, Application Development, Lake Washington Institute Of Technology, Kirkland, Washington
2011 - 2015, Graphic Design: UI, Concordia University: Irvine, Irvine, California
2008 - 2011, High School Diploma, Eastside Catholic, Sammamish, Washington


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Feeling the music
Coding nice web art
Virtual bug hunting
Anything about JS
Company Overview:
allen institute

The Allen Institute is a non-profit, bioscience research institute founded by Paul G. Allen in 2003. Based in Seattle, the organization conducts research focusing on neuroscience, cell biology and immunology with the purpose of speeding up disease research.

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