How to craft a compelling training specialist resume?

As a training specialist, you are an expert in identifying strengths and weaknesses of employees.

You design and deliver perfectly tailored, engaging training programs, and you ensure that the skills that you have imparted will bear fruit. That’s right — you help increase your company’s productivity, and for that your impact is tremendous.

When designing training materials, you pay extra attention to their relevance, clarity, appeal and effectiveness.

So why not build your resume the same way? At the end of the day, it is the first step to landing your dream job.

The following guide will equip you with some useful tips on how to craft a compelling training specialist CV.

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1. Visually balance your training specialist resume

Your CV needs good formatting.

No matter how engaging the content is if all your perfectly crafted ideas get lost in large chunks of text that no one wants to read.

You may visually balance your resume with the following tips:

  • Set appropriate margins, ideally one inch.
  • Organize your CV into the following sections:
    • Contact Details
    • Professional Summary
    • Skills
    • Work Experience
    • Education
    • Extra Sections
  • Use a neat, preferably two-column, layout.
  • Make headings larger than the rest of the contents.
  • Use white space between individual segments for easy navigation.
  • List your job experiences in a reverse-chronological order.
  • Avoid stylish fonts. Pick a clean and legible typeface, such as Georgia, Calibri or Cambria.
  • Save your CV as a PDF document, unless required otherwise.

Choose your preferred template and make your resume shine.

2. Make your training specialist professional summary stand out

As an educator, you certainly know how to make your training participants stay connected and engaged.

Can you, however, catch a hiring manager’s attention the same way?

You may as well need a killer professional profile to do so. The one that masterfully encompasses your most relevant work responsibilities, exceptional skills, measurable achievements, and last but definitely not least, the right keywords.

And where else to find the words you are looking for if not in the job posting?

Training specialist professional summary example

An enthusiastic and diligent Training Specialist with 4+ years of experience in designing and delivering engaging training sessions to the marketing, sales and communications departments. Provided in-depth consultation on GDPR, which contributed to creation of more effective, targeted marketing campaigns. Designed 50+ e-learning modules that led to a 12% spike in employee productivity within 1 month. Internationally accredited and certified Professional in Talent Development.

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3. The best skills to put on your training specialist CV

There is no doubt that there are endless skills you could include in your resume. Is it a great idea though?

One good old rule says that you should not overwhelm the hiring manager with unnecessary information. And you may want to stick to this one.

Tailor your training skill-set based on each job posting.

Mention first your competencies that match the job ad requirements. 

Any extra skill that is relevant to the position and screams I am the one you need! is a welcome addition.

It is a good practice to mention your soft and hard skills in separate columns for better clarity.

The best training specialist soft skills for your resume

  • Outstanding Oral and Written Communication
  • Organizational Skills
  • Motivation
  • Social Skills
  • Decision-making
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to Work Well Under Pressure
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving

 Effective hard skills to put on your training specialist CV

  • Learning Management Software: Acendre Inquisic, Absorb LMS (Superior Proficiency)
  • MS Office (Superior Proficiency)
  • In-depth Knowledge of Talent Management
  • Succession Planning Methods
  • Teaching and Presentation Techniques
  • Lesson Planning Concepts
  • Data Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling

4. Include relevant work experience in your training specialist resume

It often happens that your resume has to first beat an applicant tracking system to even reach a human recruiter.

The question then arises, “How to make your work description ATS-friendly?”

Stack your work experience section with keywords from the job posting, link them to unique experiences, and you will be head and shoulders above.

Training specialist work experience section example

Training Specialist

  • Identified areas of opportunity in order to develop tailored training materials.
  • Designed and delivered engaging training sessions to 250+ participants from the marketing, sales and communications departments.
  • Conducted daily evaluations of training participants’ comprehension and learning experience.
  • Contributed to creation of more effective, targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Designed 50+ e-learning modules that led to a 12% spike in employee productivity within 1 month

5. Make your training specialist education section shine

Companies may require you to have a bachelor’s degree in fields such as training and development, education or human resources.

If you do not possess a degree in a relevant field, should you just hope for your professional profile and work experience to do their work?

Well, not really. You can still leverage your education section. Instead of just mentioning your college name, degree and years in school, spice it up with relevant areas of interest, coursework or your greatest achievements. Remember to stay to-the-point and concise at all times.

Listing education in your training specialist CV

University of Europe
BA in Organizational Psychology

  • Area of interest: Research Design
  • Excelled in Theory and Design of Training Programs
  • Relevant Coursework: Key Concepts of Education, Research Methods, Assessment and Testing, Performance Evaluation and Feedback, Work Motivation, Employee Selection and Placement


6. Select appropriate extra sections for your training specialist CV

Many applicants tend to use additional sections as space fillers, burying recruiters in nonessential information. Do not be those candidates.

Purposefully select those segments that can best showcase your training superpowers.

Here are some categories you might want to include in your resume:

  • Certifications
  • Volunteering Activities
  • Interests
  • Awards
  • Training or continuing education
  • Language Skills
  • Testimonials from Employees
  • Publications
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Job performance reviews

Listing extra sections in your training specialist CV


  • Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), 2020


  • “Increasing Productivity through Training,” Bright Side, March 2019
  • “Performance Evaluation and Its Impact,” Clever, February 2020


Published on Dec. 7, 2021

Julia is a professional writer, translator and graphic designer. She holds degrees in translation and interpretation, and has international work experience from a number of different countries in Europe as well as China and Panama. Julia formerly taught academic writing and as a graphic designer contributed to outlets such as The Business of Business. She has a passion for lifelong learning and good coffee.

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