Technical Lead Resume Example

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Technical Lead Resume Example
Position Overview:

Technical Lead

A Technical Lead is usually a software, sometimes a hardware engineer who takes care of leading a team in a company to maintain a project’s technical direction. They are involved in establishing the technical vision, resolve any technical disagreements, and manage the technical quality of what their team delivers. A Tech Lead can find themselves co-leading a group of workers with someone involved in marketing or a product manager, who is tasked with oversight of the entire development process. Therefore, communication skills and other soft skills, like being able to work in a team, are as important for this job as is one’s technological prowess.

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How to write your own Technical Lead resume?

1. Give your resume a personal touch

The primary purpose of a Technical Lead is having the knowledge necessary to guide the development process of a product. Still, you will have to be someone people listen to and are productive around. You should be a person who inspires, as much as they know.

Progressive recruiters know this. And if you want to work for a company at the forefront of innovation, you want to demonstrate these “personal” qualities as well. Writing something like a personal profile at the beginning of your resume, which outlines your motivation for applying and gives readers a glimpse at your story can go a long way.

Technical Lead Resume Profile Section Example

  • "Solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player, centered in hardware and software testing with additional experience in upper-level support in the start-up environment. Focused on creating collaborative efforts between support and engineering teams to implement system or product level changes to benefit end-users. Experiences in user behavior patterns and potentials areas of product misuse that lead to better testing practices and more complete coverage of edge case issues. Ability to learn quickly often in high-pressure situations, in order to fully understand a new product, platform, or any mixture of the two. Proficiency in ZenDesk, JIRA, Confluence, CenterCode, TestRails, Slack, and Google Docs."

2. Show the full extent of your abilities

Of course, as was mentioned, it is important that a Tech Lead knows what’s up with everything that may be necessary to develop a product worth selling to customers and clients. You do not, however, want to keep readers searching for what exactly you are capable of doing.

Therefore, clarity in your “Work Experience” section is especially important. You may also want to write up a list of the skills you have and the tools you are able to use. Having a place where it is easy to find and predict what exactly you can be useful for can help the recruiter make efficient judgments about you and the competition.

Technical Lead Resume Skills Example

  • "Written Comms - Very Good"

  • "Verbal Comms - Very Good"

  • "Training/Onboarding - Excellent"

  • "Content Generation - Very Good"

3. Maintain the balance between professional and “human”

Working a role which requires one to be both technically knowledgeable and able to lead requires a resume to reflect that. It is important that with every paragraph, be it in your resume or a cover letter, you can insert a bit of your expertise and professionalism, but also your human capabilities. 

This is done by using diverse language and vocabulary, having sections which reflect all sides of you, like a list of your hobbies, and anything similar. Any leader has to be both good at commanding respect with their knowledge and also inspiring by their presence. Show that you are able to do so.

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