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Air France Team Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Team Manager

A Team Manager generally leads a group of employees, who work in a specific section or field of a firm’s operations. The duties they must perform largely differ based on what kind of team they are leading. If we take manufacturing as an example, the team leader overlooks the production line. In a more corporate setting, they would gather reports and present their contents to supervisors. What is more or less the same for any Team Manager is that they all essentially ensure that their team meets the goals and production levels expected by the company. To achieve that, Team Managers often have to build up the individuals they work with. Hence, they have to be individuals with exceptionally strong communication and leadership skills. Most Team Managers annually earn around 40k Pounds Sterling, depending on the amount of previous expertise they have.

Company Overview:
Air France

Air France is the French national airline company, part of Air France-KLM Holding Group, one of the biggest airline groups in the world. Considering recent developments in the airline industry, with cheaper tickets and low-cost airliners driving the competition, it is remarkable for an airline such as Air France to stay as relevant as it is. It has been able to do this due to its vast destination network and alliances with other global airlines. Additionally, it is able to provide frequent customers with a much higher standard of travel than some of the emerging industry leaders. Being an employee at Air France reflects this attitude and success. Employees are held to a high standard, but in return get many benefits, including flight rewards, paid leave, and good salaries.

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How to write your Team Manager resume?

1. Show all things that you are able to coordinate

As mentioned, Team Managers can be tasked with managing employees working in different sectors of the company. Therefore, one of the ways in which you can add value to yourself as a candidate for this position, is demonstrating that you can potentially fulfill the role of multiple different kinds of Team Managers. When the need arises for someone to supervise the call service, you can oversee than. When the company website needs an upgrade, you can take care of that too, all without the company having to hire multiple people.

2. Include information which proves you can lead and communicate

Soft skills are crucial when one is task includes directing people to do things the way you or someone else wants them to. Clearly delivering orders and potentially even convincing your underlings about the crux of the agenda requires a certain type of person. These personality traits are therefore looked for on any potential Team Manager’s resume.

Team Manager Soft Skills Example

  • "Emotion Identification from Context – 75%"

  • "Effort with Low Chance of Success – 67%"

  • "Effort for Low Reward – 58%"

  • "Effort Overall – 54%"

  • "Fairness – 80%"

  • "Altruism Preference – 72%"

  • "Learning from Mistakes – 70%"

  • "Learning from Feedback – 67%"

3. Showcase anything that can help you fit into the position

“Building people up” may entail you being acquainted with them on a more personal level. Naturally, people like getting to know someone who is interesting. So, show recruiters that you are just that. They will be more confident in hiring someone, who can engage with the staff on a personal level, as that is the best way to know how to push their productivity.

Team Manager Hobbies Example

  • "Music, Home Automation, IOT, Boulder, New technologies, DIY, Trips, Entrepreneurship, Competitions, Video Games"

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