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Solution Architect Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Solution Architect

Excellent problem solver. Creative thinker. Data-driven professional. Well-educated IT specialist. All these and many other definitions at least partially describe who a Solution Architect is. Besides that, these professionals are people who are able to deeply analyze and examine the company's problems and consequently develop and deliver solution concepts. They are also often hired in order to increase the efficiency of the company's business operations and daily activities. To become a good Solutions Architect you will need to be skilled in multiple fields, such as data collection and analysis, technology, and business models development. A university degree in a related field is usually not mandatory but might be a huge advantage. The average salary of Solutions Architects in the United States is $131,000 per year.

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How to write your own Solution Architect resume?

1. Use more action verbs

If there is one place where you don't want to sound passive, it's your resume. Instead of simply explaining all your job duties, try to insert action verbs where possible to get the recruiters more engaged. These will also help you to describe your achievements rather than responsibilities. You can add the action verbs to almost any part of your resume but as you might already know the best place to use them is the work experience section. Also, you should avoid some of the "weak words" like supervised and created, which have been seen by the hiring managers million times. Instead, use words that are not that common, for example, arrangedreinforcedincorporated, etc.

Solution Architect Resume Action Verbs Example

  • *DELIVERED* solution concepts, estimations, and integration architecture for group-wide and local projects and programs.

  • *ORCHESTRATED* Czech Provident application architecture, integration principles, and common architecture repository.

  • *LED* a development team on a given project and developing desired functionalities.

2. Choose the right resume format

Although you might think otherwise, experimenting in your resume is not a good idea. It actually might cost you the desired position and that's why picking the right format, font, template, etc. is so important. What's more, however good and perfect your resume is, it doesn't matter if your potential employer can't read it or has a hard time doing so. Therefore, at least in this case, you should always stick to well-established things, just to make sure that your resume looks as professional and as elegant as possible. And even though it often depends on the job, this tip applies to any position in any industry. The resume above is a great example of using a professional template, format, and well-established font. 

3. Read the job description one last time

After finishing your resume and before sending it out to the recruiters, there is one more step you should do. And that's reading the job ad one more time. However trivial and unnecessary it may sound it could actually really help you to improve your resume even more. The main reason for going through the job description again is just to make sure that you have tailored your resume and every part of it to the job ad as much as possible. Remember, there might be many important details you didn't notice before.

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