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Solution Architect Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Vojtěch Zicha

Address: Address, 99999, Prague, Czech Republic
Nationality: Czech
Date of birth: 1991-12-12
Email address:
Phone number: contact hidden


Solution Architect and Full-Stack developer with leading experience. | Helping customers find their way to the best solution and deliver amazing experiences and software.

Working for the largest European providers of payment solutions for road mobility, I'm responsible for WEB & Digital platform architecture - preparing the Cloud migrations, starting the adoption of DevOps principle, modernizing the stack to embrace API, containers and microservices.

In my career, I've delivered several projects for sales, integration, collections and business user experience. To the challenges of budget, incomplete requirements, I bring the focus on user, delivering big value in small packages and down-to-earth look for quick wins.

Work experience

12/2017 - present, Digital Platform Architect, W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s., Prague, Czech Republic

Working as a Solutions Architect in IT Delivery team for the whole European group, I am responsible for delivering architecture guidelines for web and digital deliveries, designing new and innovative solutions to challenges in company and provide support and results in following areas:

- Leading a transformation of current On-Premise services to cloud including the infrastructure and networking design, selection of Platform-as-a-Service offerings, providing integration to Software-as-a-Service offerings

- Starting the DevOps culture including Continuous Integration & Delivery, bringing the automated infrastructure tools to existing teams and setting guidelines and standards to promote the new software conventions

- Providing the framework for collaboration of multiple in-house and vendor development teams

04/2017 - 11/2017, Solution Architect Team Lead, Provident Financial s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

Working as a Czech market team leader of Solution Architecture & Development team in IT Delivery, I was responsible for a team of 3 solution architects and 4 developers (spanning internal employees and contractors) in following areas:

  • Managing Czech Provident application architecture, integration principles and common architecture repository
  • Delivering Solution Concepts, estimations and integration architecture for group-wide and local projects and programs (see below)
  • Leading an In-House development team using Kanban methodology, providing coaching to new members of the team and setting the development standards

The projects delivered or worked upon include:

  • Strategic Digital Platform - introducing a new product concept for home credit, me and my team responsible for integration architecture, financial reporting, call-centre systems integration and bringing the legacy and digital systems to same level of features
  • Agent Technology & Mobility - bringing market solution across the group to new markets, providing a common integration platform for mobile applications, developing a hybrid Android/iOS application for sales team
04/2016 - 03/2017, Solution Architect, Provident Financial s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

Working as a Solution Architect in Czech and Slovak Provident's IT Development team, I was responsible for delivering enterprise and application architecture as well as providing analytical and development delivery for selected projects. My responsibilities included:

  • Creating and updating a centralized architectural repository of Czech and Slovak market including enterprise and application architecture in Sparx EA
  • Creating solution design for desired projects and programs, including detailed integration design including estimations and participating in vendor selection
  • Analyzing business requirements to provide functional specification
  • Leading a development team on given project and developing desired functionalities
  • Working with vendor on specifying and accepting a delivery

The projects delivered for the team included:

  • Agent Cockpit application - a hybrid iOS/Android application for sales force; the application was developed and deployed to all sales staff
  • New Product proposition - a complex product to introduce a new products to Provident "Modrá půjčka / Zelená půjčka, used by Provident till today, the delivery included a new architecture for handling bank transfer loans (spanning bank systems and CRM integration), a tax and accounting integration, new sales tools as SPA applications
  • Organization Design project - a reorganization project introducing new sales tools and changes to CRM design
  • Lead Management - introduction of ESB to the application architecture and new backend integration systems

The deliveries included collaboration with several Provident's vendor on architecture and development.

07/2014 - 03/2016, IT Systems Development Specialist, Provident Financial s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

Developing server-side solutions (.NET & WCF, MS SQL, SSIS) for internal projects, developing client-side solution (ASP.NET, jQuery & REST, ReactJS) for employees and agents; producing functional specifications and detail designs (ArchiMate, Enterprise Architect) of new software; processing change management to legacy applications; providing L3 support for new and legacy products.

Succesfully deployed solutions include:

  • IT backing of project "Prepaid Cards in Provident Slovakia" including automatic book-keeping and reconcilliation system, integration platform between card vendor, call center and accounting, client statement distribution
  • new "collection of claims" system implementation including integration platform between two vendors based on NoSQL and REST, support of migration and production L3 support
  • identity management system synchronization between HR and IT systems
  • Android app (Cordova, Ionic Framework & AngularJS) for Provident's agent supporting existing business processes
  • datamart layer (MS SQL, SSIS) of DWH from Provident's primary IS

My responsibilities also included the work with vendors, both local to Czech & Slovakia as well as offshore (Indian) companies, through the whole process of designing outsourced solution, working with teams on detail design and final acceptance of delivered solution into testing.


09/2011 - 06/2014, Computational Mathematics at CS faculty, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
09/2012 - 06/2015, Business Economics at Economics faculty, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic


Programming Languages
JavaScript (ES2017)


08/2017, ArchiMate 3.0 L1 Foundation, OpenGroup,
12/2016, Machine Learning, Stanford University on Coursera,
04/2016, BizTalk Server 2010 - Development of Business Processes and Integration Solutions, GOPAS a.s., GOC307-20160100049


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Capturing moments
Feeling the music
Every kind of sport
Position Overview:

Solution Architect

Excellent problem solver. Creative thinker. Data-driven professional. Well-educated IT specialist. All these and many other definitions at least partially describe who a Solution Architect is. Besides that, these professionals are people who are able to deeply analyze and examine the company's problems and consequently develop and deliver solution concepts. They are also often hired in order to increase the efficiency of the company's business operations and daily activities. To become a good Solutions Architect you will need to be skilled in multiple fields, such as data collection and analysis, technology, and business models development. A university degree in a related field is usually not mandatory but might be a huge advantage. The average salary of Solutions Architects in the United States is $131,000 per year.

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