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Elevate Services Java Developer Cover Letter Example (Text version)

Dheeraj Lata

Elevate Services, Inc.
Application for the Position of Java Developer

Dear Head of Talent,

As a Java Developer who has developed websites and applications for 5 years, I apply with enthusiasm for this opportunity. Mirroring your posting, most of my experience lies in full stack development and Linux server administration. I have worked with HTML/CSS, Javascript/NodeJS, PHP, Rust, C# and Python.

In addition to the Java Developer role, I heard you may have some DevOps roles available shortly. That happens to be the same direction that I want to take my career in, so I would be delighted to discuss either opportunity with you.

You will find summaries of my work and education history in the attached resume. To check out some of the projects I have worked on in my spare time, please visit my GitHub profile: github.com/conneraiken and my portfolio site: fittedtech.com

While most of my work is not open source, I am more than happy to create a sample web application project to showcase my full stack/DevOps skills.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Dheeraj Lata

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