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Software Engineering at UBC EML Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Adam Wall

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555

Key Competencies

  • 3 years of experience with object-oriented programming
  • In-depth knowledge of creating and developing tools that use Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality
  • Characterized by a high level of critical and computational thinking, and strong analytical skills from Treasury experiences
  • Strong believer in the power of passionate teams
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Coded in Java, MATHLAB, C#, C++, R

Work experience

01/2019 - 09/2019, Student Project Coordinator, Technical Lead, UBC Emerging Media Lab, Vancouver, Canada
  • Developed the Jupyter 3D project, an interactive virtual reality tool to visualize multi-variable functions (hyperbolics, parabolics, and ellipses) on a plan for educational analysis
  • Communicated and organized a weekly meeting with the Faculty Residence of EML at UBC and a Mathematical Professor from UofA to have a direct understanding of what the Faculty of Applied Science needs from the project that will be used in Engineering classes
  • Supervised a total of five volunteers; assigned each of them respective tasks weekly while assisting them in order to meet the monthly goals of the project
05/2018 - present, Treasurer, UBC Francophone Student Association, Vancouver, Canada
  • Oversaw and being accountable of all the financial activities and banking transactions of UBC-FRSA to any outsources including UBC-AMS
  • Sought and reached out to alternative source of revenue for unexpected special projects or expenditures (increase of 140% of funds)
  • Responsible for balancing the funds to members, booking events, and ensuring sufficient funds prior to any activity 
09/2019 - 09/2019, Orientation Leader, UBC Jump Start, Vancouver, Canada
  • Facilitated/Supported the academic and social transition of 25 domestic high schoolers to university by creating interactive and collaborative exchanges between them
  • Directed students to the appropriate resources for their needs in order to make sure their issues are dealt professionally and respectively
  • Role model outstanding student leadership on campus
  • Teamwork with hundreds of faculty staffs and other leaders, provided urgent problem-solving solutions for emergency
02/2014 - 03/2014, IBM Intern, International Business Machines, Cairo, Egypt
  • Configuring, debugging, and updating IBM's main application of communication 'Lotus Notes'
  • Installed and restored modified operating systems (Windows and Linux) on portable computers for the engineers
  • Assisted in the recruiting process for Human Resources


01/2019, Jupyter - Virtual Reality, C#; Pyton; Unity

The project creates an experience where students can select a dynamic wave surface and interact with it in VR. Being the supervisor and tech lead of the project, I created personalized mesh in Unity to build a grid for facilitating the graphical display of any functions and definitions of smooth dynamic waves in VR for optimal performances. Through this implementation, the plane can now display hyperbolics, parabolas and ellipses functions. As well, I executed a variety of functionality (interactively control the time, the amplitude and wavelength, mark important location of the function ) for the controllers in Unity by C Sharp.

11/2018, Personalized Workout Generator, Java; JSON; JUnit; XML;

Based on upon one's Body Mass Index and the needs of the user, the tool generates a personalized workout plan. A total of 5 different workouts with over 50 different exercises. Coded in Java and used JForm Designer for an easy and dynamic user interaction. Used Maps to easily to store all different types of workout.


09/2017 - Present, BSc Mathematics; Minor: Economics, University of British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver
  • Key Courses: Computations, Programs, and Programming; Mathematical Study of Continuous Change; Macro-Economics; Micro-Economics; Applied Linear; Linear Programming
  • Key Projects: Computer Science – Programing a fully animated game for computers; UML - Exposing data through Virtual Reality
09/2015 - 05/2017, International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma, Stratford Hall, Vancouver, Canada
  • Key Courses: English A: Literature HL; French A: Literature SL; Mathematics SL Physics SL
  • Key Projects: Vancouver’s Waste Intentions and The Impact of Immigration; Relationship between The Drag Coefficient of a Sinking Object and Its Mass 
09/2011 - 06/2015, National Diploma (France), Lycee Francais du Caire, Cairo, Egypt
  • Key Courses: French; Mathematics, History and Geography; Sciences  
  • Key Projects: The Cultural Juxtaposition of Latin America and Western Modern Society; Internship at IBM 

Community Involvement

05/2015 - 05/2017, Peer Tutoring, Stratford Hall, Vancouver, Canada
  • Delivered tutoring sessions by developing thorough, well timed lesson plans and inter-actives activities for all participants in Mathematical Competitions 
  • Increased students, from Grade 3 to Grade 8, overall marks in Mathematics and French, by preparing fun weekly lesson plans resolution and assessing progress tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses
09/2015 - present, Educational Simulation of Diplomacy and International Relations, Various Conferences, Canada
  • Involved and participated in the Model United Nations Club, as well of the Debate Club of Stratford Hall
  • Learned through well-organized seminars with over hundreds of delegates: researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities
  • Developed an eager of deeper understanding of the current world issues, and ways to address them in a humble way  
09/2016 - 06/2017, House Captain, Stratford Hall, Vancouver, Canada
  • Initiated and founded a campus-wide Table Tennis Club based on the likings and fun the game provides
  • Established a mutual learning opportunity between all grades to teach and improve the activities 
  • Organized and supervised several inter-grades events for over 250 students 
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