Refocus Specialist Resume Sample

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Refocus Specialist Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Refocus Specialist

A Refocus Specialist is a new, quite niche position open to individuals who want to help children and students access their full potential. These school professionals supervise students in and out of the classroom, develop lesson plans, and even delivering in-person instruction to individuals and groups of students. To make sure they work within a subject’s curriculum, frequent collaboration with teachers and other staff, as well as responding to inquiries from parents, are crucial routine tasks that they perform. Refocus Specialists usually require some formal background in education, communication, or psychology so that they have an adequate skill set to identify a student’s needs to progress.

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How to write your own Refocus Specialist resume?

1. Demonstrate experience working with young people

Any school worker, be it a teacher or administrator, has to be able to frequently hold conversations with people who are many times much younger than they are. This requires great communication skills and empathy, the kind which is learned and perfected only by frequent exposition to those kinds of interactions.

Therefore, a good indicator that your skills are honed to the necessary extent is the amount of previous experience you’ve had in environments where the main foci were children or students. This does not have to solely be professional experience, but also things like volunteering at youth camps or workshops.

Refocus Specialist Resume Work Experience Example

Site Supervisor / Utah State University (08/2016 – 05/2017)

  • "After being hired in an After School Program at Spring Creek Middle School, I was selected as the Site Supervisor where I organized and lead a team of employees, and tailored the program to best meet the needs of the youth and the school as we built a new program. I started and carried through several projects with the youth in my time there, as well as tracking the staff."

2. Point out that you comply with formal requirements of the job

A common misconception when constructing resumes is that ‘formal’ requirements do not really contribute to your advantage over other candidates for a job post. This could be true to some extent, but it is our advice that you use every chance you get to make yourself special.

In this example, the candidate completed a degree in something that fits the requirements of the profession almost spot on, but the recruiter wouldn’t have known that if the only description of a formal higher education requirement was the university’s name. When listing your qualifications, be sure to include all details that can be relevant to the application.

Refocus Specialist Resume Education Example

Family, Consumer and Human Development / Utah State University (05/2017)

  • "BS with a dual emphasis in Child Development, & Family and Community Services and a minor in Sociology"

3. Include references which convey your compatibility with the position

Experience and qualification are one way to convey how well you fit a job, but really, the best way to do so it through a third person’s testimony. 

If you have access to your previous supervisors or even family members of students that you’ve helped in the past, be sure to contact them and ask whether they’d be willing to provide you a recommendation letter or reference. Positive feedback from people you’ve worked with can really cement your application by making your credentials bulletproof from a practical standpoint. Alternatively, you can add any data that may showcase your ability at performing well in this position. How many students you’ve helped achieve a certain grade or school admission, for example.

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