Social Studies Teacher Resume Sample

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Social Studies Teacher Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Social Studies Teacher

Teaching is probably one of the most important and noble professions any person could hope to do. It could be argued that this is especially the case for Social Studies teachers, as they are the ones who will shape how people view morality, their society, and the institutional systems which surround it. All of this is crucial to maintain the high standard of democracy and respect for human rights which most people have come to enjoy. The best teachers are kind, empathetic, and disciplined individuals who love young people. Moreover, expertise and creativity are becoming especially important traits in this profession as digitalization has been proven to be taking over this area too.

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How to write your own Social Studies Teacher resume?

1. Demonstrate a formal background in teaching

Teachers who are worth hiring have to convey that they know what teaching methods are most relevant for efficiently teaching particular materials and how students engage with them. It goes without saying that they should also formally know the subject which they teach, as it helps with shaping a curriculum that will focus on what really matters. It also helps when students have questions for which it is not possible to find answers to in textbooks

Therefore, any Social Studies teacher’s resume should include some education or experience in social sciences. Be sure to describe what exactly your background entailed. Don’t just make a list.

Social Studies Teacher Resume Work Experience Example

Lordsburg Municipal Schools / Language, Arts, Journalism, Social Studies Teacher (08/1992 – present)

  • "Prepare teens, 9th/12th grade for college, and career readiness."

  • "Responsible for school newspaper and yearbook."

  • "Tech English IV, Journalism, Government, World History, New Mexico, History, Photo Journalism."

  • "Oversee the credit recovery program."

2. Point out personal traits that are relevant to the modern-day

Digitalisation and surprising natural events are able to disrupt the everyday life of thousands of people, as we see with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially the case for students. Teachers looking to find new positions should therefore get ready to demonstrate that they are able to navigate the digitalized world.

List all possibly relevant skills that you have which can be applied to creating innovative approaches to teaching, should the need arise, either due to external circumstances or due to requests from school management and the students. Indicate levels which can indicate the proficiency at which you are able to use the skills you list.

Social Studies Teacher Resume Skills Example

Computer Skills

  • "MS Office - Very Good"

  • "Adobe Photoshop - Good"

  • "Adobe Lightspeed - Good"

  • "Adobe InDesign - Very Good"

3. Showcase your teaching prestige

The teaching profession provides applicants with quite a unique way to “woo” the people who are hiring. You see, it is in the interest of those people to hire teachers who will attract students but also parents and families of those students. 

You should therefore point out any outstanding results that you’ve managed to have your students achieve or any other achievements which you may have gotten over the course of your career. Maybe even adding recommendations from your previous workplaces, including student and parent feedback, can help you make a good impression in the application process.

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