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Teacher, Researcher Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Jean de la Gamer

Address: 99999-999, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL
Nationality: BRAZILIAN
Date of birth: 1981-11-22
Email address: hello@kickresume.com
Phone number: 99 999 9999


Game Developer, Teacher and Researcher with 10 years of experience. Work in the planning and execution of projects in audiovisual and technology. Development work with a focus on games and innovation for schools, universities, governments, studios and consulting of technology. Experienced in developing prototypes for digital and non digital games. Work on some of the most important initiatives and projects in this  area for Latin America such as: CREA DIGITAL (Colombian Government – Ministry of Communication and Information Technology/Ministry of Culture), Brazilian Independent Games (BIG) Festival 2015 and 2016 (Brazil); General Consulate of France (São Paulo), comKids Festival – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2015, Game Mixer (Brazil), Goethe Institut (SP) / A.MAZE Festival (Berlin), Virada Cultural (São Paulo, city’s largest annual cultural event), Global Game Jam, Indie Speed Run, Campus Party Brazil and Escola da Vila.


Simulation and Games
Multimedia Screenplay
Project Management
Scientific Metodology
Research Instruments
Article Published


2016 | Game Mixer: General coordenation of the Germany Govern Program to develop the game area between germans nd brazilians. Link: http://www.abr...anonymized...html

2016 | Dinossauros Brasileiros: Collaboration in the development of first VR app (free), for learning about a Brazilian dinosaur. Link: http://mi...anonymized..3g

2016 | Transmedia Mentoring for audiovisual projects that needs to develop games as a strategy to enhance a intelectual property - Polo Audiovisual da Zona da Mata (MG). Link: http://mi...anonymized..Jk

2015/16 | Brazilian Independent Games Festival (BIG) Festival: designer, curator, and collaborator for BIGCHANGE, discussion panel and support for games with critical and educational content.

2015 | Govern of Colombia: work on as a mentor of CREA DIGITAL to select projects to receive public investment.

2015 | Comkids Festival – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2015: partipation on the selection for the prize in the category of interactive content (games).

2015 | Google Educator Leader: Recognized by Google for continuing and developing with free digital tools for education.


2014, Innovation, Goethe Institut Head Office - Munich

First event on digital interactivity culture for Goethe Institut Worldwide (includes 80 countries) - A Year of Germany in Brazil (commemorating German culture).

2013, Finalist, Secretary of Social Development - São Paulo

Collaboration on the project “Aprendizes que ensinam” (Learners that teach), selected from over 100 projects and placing among the top 5 finalists of the Social Innovation Challenge. Link: http://mi...anonymized..4t

2012, Highest Score of Quality, Ministry of Education (MEC) of Brazil

Worked on a team to develop the course "Science Degree" from UNIVESP, which received the highest score for quality along with 13 other institutions, selected from a ranking of 1207 courses evaluated. Link: http://mi...anonymized..3


03/2013 - Present, GAME DEVELOPER AND HEAD OF PROJECTS, Coletivo Jogo Limpo/Associação Saber Fazer, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

Non profit organization that develops projects to increase usage of technology and games (digital and analogical). Creating educational games that also work with projects that use game technologies for human development in public schools and the general public, such as: teacher training, classes for children and teens, game jams (Global Game Jam and Indie Speed Run), etc. Participation in initiatives such as: CREA DIGITAL (Colombian Government – Ministry of Communication and Information Technology/Ministry of Culture), Brazilian Independent Games Festival (BIG - Festival) 2015 and 2016 (Brazil); General Consulate of France (São Paulo), comKids Festival – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2015, Goethe Institut(SP)/A.MAZE Festival (Berlin) and Virada Cultural (São Paulo).


Escola da Vila is a pioneer in Constructivist Education, with more than 35 years of experience. It was founded bysome of the great Brazilian educational experts, including Paulo Freire and his daughter, Madalena Freire. Pedagogical practices initiated at Escola da Vila have had influence on the entire Brazilian Educational System.Part-time job focused on research and development for creating innovation in education, especially game concepts and game technologies, for application in teacher training, and also in classes for children and teens. It is also focused on developing content, methods, technology, and media for educational purposes. Orientation, execution, and support, of pedagogical projects that involves technology.

05/2014 - 02/2015, PROJECT LEADER/GAME DEVELOPER, Micropower Softwares, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

Micropower is the oldest Brazilian software house that works with e-learning. It also founded the "E-learning Brasil Award", the largest event of it’s type in this region.Development of educational games and gaming narratives for instructional courses. Manager and execution of presence and distance education. Coordination of interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders. Creation of new products for digital innovation. Analysis, identification, diagnosis, execution, evaluation and delivery, of differents types of projects, including video and hypermedia, some of which have involved as many as 20.000 students.


Developing the scope of education, by way of e-learning, gaming projects, and games, for different educational institutions, technology, and entertainment. Involving all steps in the process of development: demand analysis, scope definition, project management, development and delivery.

Main projects as a freelancer:

- GUTEN NEWS | STARTUP: iOS "gaming" app to engage and increase children’s proficiency in reading. Personally developed the entire initial strategy, when creating a digital tool for students and teachers for working with missions and activities. This collaboration, with the app’s founder Danielle Brants, won the prize of "Most Innovative Person Under 35” from  Technology Review  - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


- COPAG/PINGO NO I - DISNEY: created a prototype of game play for a card game which includes almost all Disney characters. Also a developer in the scope and planning of a digital platform to support young users on the same project.

- OTHER PROJECTS: hands on consultancy for developing game and content for important Brazilian and international companies such as: Cengage Learning, Aennova, Affero Lab, and Ciatech/UOL.


Scholarly activities developed and undertaken for the undergraduate distance course (partial) "Bachelor of Science", Virtual University of São Paulo - UNIVESP: teacher guidance for using technology, planning, management, and implementation of educational strategies. Also editing, selection, platform configuration learning (MOODLE), and educational content focusing on open learning objects; monitoring, mentoring, and development materials and content such as: e-books, print books, video, learning objects, and games, among others.

This course received the highest score out of 1207 participating Institutions. We also received the highest score/grade from the Ministry of Education.

05/2008 - 08/2011, PROJECT LEADER, Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial - SENAC/SP, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

Work in the planning, development, and guidance to support educational projects in different media in the department of Applied Technologies Education - TAE. Answered requests by internal clients regarding subjects such as: graduation (academic), free courses, extension, technical and administrative areas, and creating learning objects for the institution. For external clients, concluded requests by: CET, METRO, Imprensa Oficial, Sirio-Libanes, MAPRE, and Citibank, among others. Developed innovation projects related to new media and games.


07/2016 - Present, UNIVERSIDADE DE SÃO PAULO - USP (SÃO PAULO UNIVERSITY), PhD Student - Field of Study: EDUCATION, Digital Play On Mobile Devices And Their Use In Middle Schools: a student learning experience in Mathematics on Public Network.

The research analyse the relationship between learning and play, in games that have curriculum content and use in mobile devices.

08/2010 - 12/2012, PONTIFÍCIA UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE SÃO PAULO | PUC-SP, Master Degree - Field of study: EDUCATION, Title: Interdisciplinary Open Digital Educational Games: a case study with public school teachers of the State of São Paulo.

This research refers to a case study that used as its object Interdisciplinary Open Digital Educational Games, to prove whether teachers who are little exposed this technology have the ability to analyze and predict the pedagogical learning dimensions created in the game environment. Questionnaires were used as instrument to collect the data and were answered by 75 participants (public school teachers of the state of São Paulo and participants of a thematic workshop). Of these, 75 completed questionnaires, and 28 were selected for further analysis and interpretation of data. The partial result of the research indicates how participants identify the pedagogical characteristics of the types of games covered here. Keywords: Digital Educational EDUCATIONGame. Games. Curriculum. Teacher t.

2002 - 2006, PONTIFÍCIA UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE SÃO PAULO | PUC-SP, Bachelor´s Degree in Technology and Digital Media - Minor in Distance Education
2004 - 2007, PONTIFÍCIA UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE SÃO PAULO | PUC-SP, Scientific Initiation - Field of Study: Communication and Semiotics.

Researcher Leader: Prof. Lucia Anonymized

Search: Self-referentiality in the media: the paroxysm of self-referentiality in games.


2015: Colombia, Four days working as a judge, invited by the local government for the competition “Crea Digital”, (Ministry of Culture / Ministry of Information and Communication Technology).

2014: Germany, Two weeks working as a digital cultural agent of the Goethe Institut- São Paulo, in AMAZE Festival Berlin, and Goethe Institut Munich.

2006: Canadá, Five weeks of technical visits to schools in cities: Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

2005: South Africa, One week technical visit to the Good Hope School of English.

2004: Argentina, one week spent in COINNED International School of Spanish on a technical visit.


2016 - 2013: Storytelling (8 h); The use of digital and non digital space to give visibility for students art production (8 h); Game Thinking (4 h); Collaborative Teams (1 h.).

2011- 2010: Gamification (8 h.); Time management and meetings (16 h.); Systemic Family Therapy Brief (24 h.);

2009: Teaching Strategies Workshops (38 h.); Workshop: Professional Practice and Innovation (16 h.); Screenplay for Cinema (180 h.), Online Advertising (25 h.); Introduction to Language JAVA (40 h.); Workshop: Developing Games with Panda 3D (12 h.);

2008: Project Management - Practices Aligned to PMI (48 h.); Journalism Writing (30 h.); Creation and Composing for Advertising (32 h.); Workshop: Games Programming with Flash CS3-Basic (3 hrs.); Workshop: Programming with JAVA Games - Basic (3 hrs.); Theory and Practice of Instructional Design- TPDI (35 h.).


07/2014 - Present, Game Design and Evangelist, Garoa Hacker Clube, São Paulo, Brazil

Work with hack community making game projects, lessons and workshops of game design. See more info: http://mi...anonymized..1h

03/2016 - Present, Research, Associação Era Transmidia, São Paulo, Brazil

Work and research the boarders and comunnication of Transmidia projects and Games area. Developing workshops and mentoring of how to develop games inside the transmidia concept of storywold. See more info: http://www.eratransmidia.com/

Also collaboration game consultant of São Paulo Shelock Holmes & The Internet of the Thing (Columbia University Digital Lab). See more info: http://2016.sherlockholmes.io/

04/2013 - Present, Innovation projects and Curriculum Advisor, CETECC, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

The Educational and Technological Center of Casa do Caminho - CETECC is a vocational school for young people from 16 years old, living in conditions of socio-economic vulnerability and social risk. See more info: http://mi...anonymized..ff

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