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Production Manager Resume Example
Position Overview:

Production Manager

The position of a Production Manager is common nearly in all industries and businesses. These are people who are invaluable in maintaining a firm’s good reputation. Product Managers make sure that all goods or products put on sale are produced safely, cost-effectively, on time, and comply with the appropriate quality standards. Production managers have to have great organization skills to plan and draw up production schedules, select the best equipment, monitor production processes and productivity rates, and supervise their teams of workers. They also have to have good communication skills, since they often review worker performance and provide feedback. Experienced Production Managers make something between 35,000 – 45,000 USD per year.

Company Overview:
Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Inc. is a restaurant company that franchises and operates over 2,200 Jack in the Box restaurants across a large part of the USA and its territories. The chain allows its employees to try new items on their menus so that they at figure out their favorites and share them with the world. The company also attempts to mentor workers so that they may take on the next steps in their careers by helping them set goals and develop necessary skills. As even the restaurant industry is also affected by the digital revolution, a new focus within Jack in the Box is adapting their services to the modern age.

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How to write your own Production Manager resume?

1. Give a preview of the key points of your application

It is likely that you are going to include a lot of information about yourself in your resume. Managerial positions are about the experience and skills one has accumulated over the course of their career. It can, however, mean that a lot of the information you want a reader to remember, they will not able to recall because of the sheer amount of things to keep in mind.

A strategic move to deal with issues is to give readers a run-down of the crucial points relating to your character and career. This can be an introduction of some sort that recruiters will be able to swiftly refer to once they discuss individual applicants.

Production Manager Resume Profile Example

  • "Accomplished innovator with a proven ability to cut costs, build exceptional teams, and tackle challenging projects. My 10+ years of broad experience – from being a Squad Leader in the US Navy to building and overseeing product production and logistics – makes me feel that no challenge is too big."

2. List relevant experience to boost credibility

Managers need a lot of time in the workplace to properly train the skills and usage of tools that will be the bread and butter of their everyday lives. Recruiters will look for that time in your resume.

It is very important that you provide a comprehensive list of relevant previous work experience on your resume. You should not just simply list the positions you held but also describe what each of them entailed and how the experience you got from them is relevant for what you are applying for now. Write clearly, however, and only mention things that are really relevant to the position.

Production Manager Resume Work Experience Example

Production Supervisor / XOCHITL (03/2017 – 03/2018)

  • "Established and Executed policies to meet Local, State & Federal Regulations including FSMA, OSHA, & Health Department."

  • "Assisted with the building and implementation of SQF requirements to meet the company’s SQF certification goal."

3. Use language to convey expertise in the field of profession

Everything from the production equipment, to the division of labor among workers, to keeping the company management satisfied, entails a lot of responsibility and knowledge. A production manager has to know what the regulations and standards are for producing – both at the company and state level. They have to have an overview of all the technical niches of the production process, so that they may communicate effectively to workers if they are doing something wrong or to technicians, should a machine break down. 

This knowledge can easily be demonstrated by using technical language throughout your application, so make sure you really describe your work experience very specifically.

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