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Account Executive Cover Letter Sample (Text version)

Ariel Winter

Ms. Name Surname
Tory Burch
West Street, New York, 10011
Talent Acquisition Manager
Dear Name Surname,

My first introduction to the fashion world was a beautiful pair of quilted gray Tory Burch Reva ballet flats my mother bought when I was in middle school. It was from there I became hooked on the eclectic detailing and colorful prints that have branded Tory Burch as the highly revered American lifestyle brand it is today. Being that I owe my penchant for beautiful products to Tory Burch, you can imagine my ecstatic reaction when I saw the Summer 2016 Internship Program listed on your website. As a junior who is double majoring in Accounting and Marketing, I would be thrilled to work in either the sales or marketing departments, but I am open to other opportunities.

Over the years I’ve maintained a sales focused career through a variety of jobs and internships. From door to door cold calling, selling clothes, and training employees to maintaining stockrooms, managing sales teams, and creating marketing programs, I have learned a wide range of sales aspects through the various challenges that have been thrown at me. It gives me great satisfaction to learn something new, assign me any task and I won’t leave until I’ve mastered it; I don’t merely thrive in stimulating learning environments, I delight in it.

Not only will I get the job done, I will produce the highest quality of work; I pride myself on surpassing given requirements and improving upon each job to make it more effective. At US PIRG I “broke the rules” by tailoring their strict, prewritten speech to relate better to the public and my sales blossomed- I consistently raised 460% more than the daily-required amount. But I didn’t just keep this information to myself, I hosted interactive workshops with the entire cohort and together we helped the company surpass its summer donation goals by thousands of dollars.

While I love seeing the numbers rack up, I recognize sales is more that. For me, sales is about the customer and I’m dedicated to making each one feel important. I don't just make sales- I make relationships. I am gracefully persuasive, never manipulative, and I have yet to meet a person I couldn’t win over. Once, a previous customer of mine even wrote to Madewell headquarters claiming she had “the best shopping experience of her life” because of how “helpful, friendly, and conversational” I was. My dad calls it the “gift of the gab,” I just call it second nature.

In closing, I am overjoyed at the possibility of interning with Tory Burch and would love the opportunity to share how I will be a great fit for the Summer Internship Program. I truly appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,

Ariel Winter

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