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Emergency Relief Worker Cover Letter Sample (Text version)

Jeffrey Chang

Chicago, IL, United States
18 February 2021
Application for Emergency Relief Worker

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a former Volunteer Firefighter and ex-army officer, I apply with enthusiasm for this emergency relief worker opportunity.

Until my recent move from Texas, I was an on-call Emergency Relief Coordinator with the Halliwell Emergency Relief Enterprise (HERE), where I participated in human relief efforts following large-scale disasters such as flooding, fires, and accidents. While efficiently coordinating teams of professionals and volunteers, I assisted with on-the-ground relief efforts such as clothing and food distribution, PPE distribution, information dissemination about legal rights and government/charitable resources, and emergency accommodation sourcing. 

I was also an on-call firefighter with the Sunnybank Township Volunteer Corp., and previously spent 23 years with the US Army. I am therefore used to dealing practically with sudden and unpredictable scenarios where a cool head and rational thinking are crucial to mission success. I have a long track record in working calmly under pressure, operating both independently and as part of a team, and effectively collaborating with local services to minimize the negative impact on human lives.

Please find attached my résumé for your consideration. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Jeffrey Chang

Jeffrey Chang

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