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Development Executive at Frontline Education Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Development Executive 

Since Development Executives determine how the firm will pursue new business leads to ensure company growth, they have to actively coordinate across the firm’s teams of workers, demanding truly exceptional inter-personal skills. They are normally expected to work on new business proposals and presenting them persuasively in a way that reflects the organization’s products or services. Pushing through a vision that an Executive comes up with may require a lot of hard work. Days of negotiation, active listening to alternative proposals, and working under pressure. Nevertheless, there are individuals who like this kind of work and want to take on the challenge. If one becomes work in a riveting environment, this job can be fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

Company Overview:
Frontline Education

According to a leading education technology publication, EdSurge, Frontline is edtech’s newest unicorn. The company focuses on providing on-demand insights to aid in fulfilling education professionals’ visions. It does so with its integrated platform, offering educators precise views of what’s happening in their schools, with tips on how to improve decision-making and performance. The company seems to care tremendously about its workers’ work/life balance and listens to their concerns. Workplace atmosphere is another strong suit of the firm, as it groups together people who are passionate about making education better for the sake of future generations. Workers easily become close friends for life!

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How to write your Development Executive resume?

1. Concisely introduce what kind of worker you are

Although it cannot do too much to influence how recruiters are going to make the final decision, a short personal profile section at the beginning can give them a useful reference point. Be unique enough with describing your attributes and motivations, and they will know how they could get back to your resume when re-reviewing it or picking the people who got the job!

Development Executive Profile Example

  • "Results-driven business sales leader and process improvement professional with extensive business sales and process improvement experience, strong presentational, analytical and decision making skills, and a proven ability to perform in fast-paced environments. Passion for building new relationships, assessing customers’ needs, and formulating strategic action plans to go above & beyond customer expectations."

2. With detail, describe what your duties were in previous jobs

The extent of all the responsibilities of a Development Executive is quite broad, yet they have to perform highly in all of them due to the importance of achieving a successful outcome. There is no other way to prove that you possess a broad expertise that you can utilize effectively than giving accounts of moments that show this. It is highly likely that some of your previous responsibilities can get this point across.

Development Executive Work Responsibilities Example

  • "Serving our largest partners including state departments of education across 7 states (AR, OK, TX, KS, MO, LA, MS) – 45 key accounts."

  • "Assisted marketing operations team in campaign strategy including vertical targets, content and messaging, direct-mail and telemarketing."

  • "Lead negotiations, coordinate complex decision-making process, and overcomes objections to capture new business opportunities."

  • "Achievement of monthly & quarterly renewal targets by close monitoring of key numbers including feedback, promotion, queries, follow ups, lead generation."

3. Quantify the level at which you are able to use your skills

Executives have to be good at their jobs. That means they have to know how to utilize the skills necessary to bring about the wanted outcome. However, it is often sympathetic, if not admirable to admit there are still some things a potential Development Executive would want to learn. Show what level you operate your skills at and do not be afraid to admit some deficiencies!

Development Executive Skills Example

  • "Sales Management - Excellent"

  • "Key Account Management - Excellent"

  • "Strategic Planning - Very good"

  • "Strategic Marketing - Good"

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