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Design Strategist Resume Example
Position Overview:

Design Strategist

Design Strategists are the people who can take a business idea, transform it into a design idea, and vice versa. To do that, they need diverse backgrounds, as understanding diverse mindsets or visions requires broad general knowledge. They are actively involved in the beginning of the process of project creation. A crucial aspect of their work here is researching user attitudes. To have a successful product, the company has to know what consumers respond to and how they respond to it. In order to create the visual assets which, support this research, they work closely with the Communication Designer.

Company Overview:
Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is a leading provider of financing for a mortgage lender in the United States. This service is essential for making homeownership and affordable rental housing something millions of Americans can realistically imagine. The company has a great track record regarding its social workplace policies, making it an Equal Opportunity Employer. For a firm that focuses on financial services, it provides its employers great benefits and pension plans. Workers also praise the good work/life balance that comes with working here and stress that salaries are fair in spite of being able to work less of they want to. The financial industry is still quite saturated however, so do not expect to rise through the ranks too quickly.

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How to write your own Design Strategist resume?

1. Showcase your research-gathering capabilities

Since most of Design Strategists' duties involve researching user attitudes for the purpose of composing a business strategy, it is crucial these individuals know how to actually conduct this research – be it qualitative or quantitative.

To prove that you can indeed fulfill these expectations, write down all the research methods you could use to come up with a comprehensive overview of user attitudes towards the launch of a new project. A helpful addition to this demonstration could also be any academic publications, with your name on them, that did require you to utilize some of those research methods. Anything like this is tangible evidence of you having and using your research abilities effectively.

Design Strategist Toolkit Example

  • "Ethnography"

  • "Qualitative Research"

  • "Service Design"

  • "Usability Testing"

2. Describe how your work contributed to successful outcomes

The fact that you were able to produce something with your research cannot on its own attest to the fact that it was actually useful to anyone. That can only be done by describing a scenario in which your research contributions led to some company success.

If you can, include these kinds of descriptions in the section where you list previous work experience. Simply structure them from the point at which you were assigned to research some topic, and how from that, the company experiences either a boost in sales, higher product success, etc. This will only strengthen your resume, as the reader may be more prone to view your experience not solely as academically relevant, but also professionally.

3. Maintain clarity throughout the resume sections

Making a resume that is focused on the specific outcomes of the use of your abilities can be quite a daunting task.

You have to make sure that they relate to the field in which you seek the position and that they actually support the claim that you have strong skills in research.

Just getting all that done can mean that you will become sick of describing the examples you have thought of. That can result in your descriptions becoming hard to follow, unnecessarily long and overdone with jargon that readers may not understand. Make sure that when you’ve found what you want to paint a picture of, have an idea of how the picture will be painted. Otherwise, what you are trying to say can be lost.

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