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Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample (Full Text Version)

Many Pacquinno

contact hidden
Orleans Crescent, Toongabbie, 2146
Meet Compas Pty Ltd
Torrens Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612
Katie Bedington, Management ICT Recruitment and Services
April 4, 2018
Re: Data Analyst/ Visualisation Specialist Internship

Dear Katie,

As an engineering student majoring in data, I have read your post regarding the internship role in being a data analyst/ visualisation specialist with interest. As a student from the University of Technology Sydney, my qualifications align with the practical and technical skills that you seek. My achievements on subjects that develop communication, data analysis and visualisation abilities constitute on my capabilities in the field. I am certain that I have what you need and would become a beneficial extension to the company.

Over the course of my studies, I am capable in the design, innovation and development of dashboards and visuals alongside data analysis. My achievement of high distinction in the data engineering fundamentals studio and introduction to data analytics clarifies my ability in producing an aesthetical and user-friendly interface whilst working alongside team members I have met for the first time. In this project, we developed a web application for an accounting firm that determines whether a customer is a good or bad credit risk using python, html-coding and random forest classification. Additionally, a user-friendly interface was developed for employee browsing convenience. I have used these skills in developing functional dashboards in other subjects and for personal purposes.

In addition to my teamwork experience in a practical environment, I am adept and confident in my communication and management expertise. This foundation was built upon my work experience in retail and countless group projects throughout my studies especially one that involved producing potential solutions to the scarcity of food for the ‘Live and Learn Vanuatu EWB Challenge’. Furthermore, I have lead most of these groups in the allocation and distribution of assignments.

Please refer to my attached resume for additional information regarding my proficiencies and achievements. I am positive that I am the best fit for this job and would like to request for an interview to follow up on my background and expertise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Many Pacquinno

Position Overview:

Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst can be described as someone who collects data, reviews them and uses these data to solve problems. Data analysts help businesses grow profits through critical insights they have learnt from the business's customers. Another task that data analysts execute is to communicate the information they've learnt with key stakeholders or company leadership. If you just put your mathematical, analytical and statistical skills into practice, you may as well earn around $ 80,000 annually.

Company Overview:

Founded in 2008, Mozo is a free online service providing people with expert analysis and useful financial tips. Combining its award-winning, personalized comparison tools with customer ratings, the platform helps their customers make savvy money decisions and excel in maximizing their money.

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