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Accenture Software Engineering Team Lead Resume (Text version)

Tancy Badien

Address: Çamtepe Mah. Cad. 99/2 Narlıdere, 9999, İzmir, Turkey
Date of birth: 1988-11-11
Email address:
Phone number: +9999999999


I am a driven individual with the ability to adapt to any situation and proven potantial to grow self and others.

Work experience

02/2011 - present, Software Engineering Team Lead, Accenture, Ankara, Turkey

I started at Accenture in 2011 as a New Graduate hire, in the years following I worked in major deliveries and CR management projects in communications industry.

  • Managed the Siebel CRM Development team
  • Acted as a contact point between the technical team, functional team and the test teams
  • Performed requirements analysis, design, development and test management of monthly 100 M/D releases
  • Estimated, performed feasibility analysis and forecast risks and planned the delivery for new requirements
  • Contributed to each project delivery phase (analysis,development,test,ops) in different roles
  • Delivered new features in both Agile and SDLC life-cycles
  • Established self as a CRM Expert and gained trust of clients
  • Automated build, delivery and release of Siebel packages


09/2006 - 11/2010, Computer Engineering, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


Development Skills
Siebel - Call Center
Web Services
Siebel EAI
Siebel - SFA
Siebel - Marketing


  • Worked on the project to reduce the e2e new sales time from 17 mins to 3 mins in a major communications company
  • Led a team up-to 16 developers
  • Managed a development team divided between 3 locations in 2 countries
  • Developed the technical skills of countless new joiners (ok,15 new joiners)
  • Acted as a career counseler to 6 colleague


Experimental Cooking
Capturing happy memories
More travelling

I am..

Motivated - 100%
Detail oriented - 100%
Loyal - 100%
Position Overview:

Software Engineering Team Lead

A Team Lead is someone who es essentially responsible for the activities of a group of people who work in a specific section of the firm. In this case, the Software Engineering team. To properly do this job, one has to possess excellent soft skills and leadership qualities. Communication skills are essential, as well as great expertise in software engineering and computer science. The primary responsibilities of a Software Engineering Team Lead are forwarding software engineers' instructions from the management. They are in charge of resource management and keeping deadlines, reporting on the team’s performance, and also supporting them when a challenge or problem is encountered.

Company Overview:

Over the last couple of decades, Accenture has become a rising force in the world of consulting. Especially as the digital revolutions have been going on, the firm was able to find modern solutions for companies that did not want to remain off the bandwagon. They provide services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. All of their operations culminate in transformational outcomes that bring society closer to a new digital world. Workers are guaranteed to find many opportunities for both professional and personal growth here. The workplace also has a very morally compatible atmosphere, in spite of the fact that some may feel pressure in what can be characterized as a relatively competitive environment.

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How to write your own Software Engineer Team Lead resume?

1. Outline your full skillset

Being a team leader requires an individual to be approachable but also command a decent amount of respect among his or her co-workers (people they are leading). This is hard to do without seeming like you know what you talk about when giving commands or orders.

People who are looking for competent team leaders look for someone who can get their point across to their underlings in that they seem confident and know how to explain their decisions and orders. If one is missing relevant expertise in the field, they are likely to not radiate that authority. Therefore, it is very important you show you are very capable, both as a leader and as an expert.

Software Engineering Team Lead Skills Example

  • "Siebel – Call Center - Full"

  • "Web Services - Excellent"

  • "XML - Excellent"

  • "Siebel EAI - Full"

  • "JavaScript - Excellent"

  • "Java - Good"

2. Showcase the extent of your leadership ability

Good leaders are usually hard to spot, but it is pretty easy after people give a little bit of detail about themselves. After that, it is usually the one who stands out from the crowd, either by the way they talk or by what they have to show for their successes, who are naturally picked out as leaders.

That is what our next piece of advice to you should be aiming at. Try to portray yourself who really has something extraordinary about themselves. Usually something like recalling a complex issue that you’ve solved or even accounts of you achieving notable success in the past can be the way to do this. 

Software Engineering Leadership Example

  • "Worked on the project to reduce the e2e new sales time from 17 mins to 3 mins in a major communications company"

  • "Led a team up-to 16 developers"

  • "Managed a development team divided between 3 locations in 2 countries"

  • "Developed the technical skills of countless new joiners (ok, 15 new joiners)"

3. Have it proofread by an expert

To be absolutely sure you are conveying expertise, try to gather opinions on the language you use and the method in which you are using it from someone who is from the same field as you are. 

Having fellow experts proofread your resume is nothing to be ashamed of. Other than technical lingo, they can tell you whether they see more efficient ways of communicating your expertise to the reader or whether you’ve gone a bit overboard on the “funny” aspect somewhere in your resume, as we think was done here, in the section about achievements

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