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Position Overview:

Pharmacy Student

If you are interested in medicine and its' related fields but don't want to become a doctor, a pharmacy might be an excellent option for you. You will mainly learn about and focus on multiple pharmaceutical sciences and will cover the subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and medicine. You'll also have a chance to gain knowledge and practical experience in the whole drug creation and application process. Besides that, pharmacy students spend a lot of time on the examination and analysis of a "real-world" pharmacy issues and participate in various patient-oriented studies which give them the opportunity to experience what is it really like to work in this field. It usually takes four years to finish the pharmacy school and at the end, you will receive the MPharm degree. 

How to write your own Pharmacy Student resume?

1. Add extracurricular/volunteering activities

It's always good to be able to show to your potential employer that during your studies you also focused on other things than education. These can include anything from summer and part-time jobs to volunteering experiences and interesting extracurricular activities. Don't forget to also add specific points to each experience in order to emphasize the skills you have developed and the experiences you've gained. This is a crucial part of any resume and should not be skipped. As the recruiters are usually looking for individuals who can prove their claimed qualities and abilities, including all relevant work experience to your resume is, therefore, very important and could be a decisive element in whether you'll or will not get your desired job.

Pharmacy Student Resume Volunteering Example

Volunteer / Royal Medical Corps (07/2014 – 08/2014)

  • "Befriended patients and relatives who needed extra support."

  • "Developed good communication skills with a range of patients and hospital staff."

  • "Used computerized systems for data entry of patient details and learned the importance of confidentiality within a medical/hospital setting."

  • "Learned to remain calm and show initiative when necessary."

2. Make the education section perfect

Since, as a student you probably don't have much real experience, you should compensate it by making the other important parts of your resume as good as possible. For instance, in the case of education, add any academic awards and achievements to show your determination and effort. You can also mention any relevant coursework and briefly describe projects you have worked on during the years. This will help you to move your resume to the next level and will display you in the eye of hiring managers as a pro-active person who is not afraid to take a lead. On the other hand, don't make this section too long and try to stay as relevant as possible.

Pharmacy Student Resume Education Example

MPharm Pharmacy / University of Westminster (09/2013 – 06/2016)

  • "Preparation and identification of nucleic acids and separation by gel filtration, molecular modeling and computer analysis of kinetic data, solid-phase & solvent extraction, purification with charcoal, distillation, titrations, Characterisation of thiol groups & separation by gel filtration."

  • "IR spectra & analysis, HPLC. Thin Layer Chromatography. NMR. Mass Spectroscopy. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Flame and Graphite furnace mode)."

3. Do not underestimate a resume summary

You would be surprised how many people start their resume directly with the work experience or education section. However, this is a huge mistake. The very top part of your resume should be dedicated to a resume summary. Although you might think this section is not necessary as the hiring managers can find all the information later on in the resume, the other is true. A profile summary is actually one of the most important resume sections and is used not only to summarize it but also as a career objective. That being said, besides the best of yourself in the form of your key abilities and qualities, you can include to this section what exactly you are looking for in your career. The profile section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

Pharmacy Student Resume Profile Example

  • "Fresh Pharmacy graduate. An organized, effective communicator with patients, colleagues and management and an ability to remain calm even in stressful or unexpected circumstances. Sympathetic, caring attitude supportive of those who may be unwell, confused or upset. Confident team player, thriving on challenge and with a positive, cheerful attitude to patient care, clinical practice and academic study. ​​​​​"

  • "Achieved 70%+ in each academic year to date showing excellent ability across the board. Adaptable, flexible and willing to learn as well as trustworthy, honest, reliable and looking forward to being part of a team that ensures the best possible care and treatment for all patients."

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