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Student Resume Public Relations
Position Overview:

Public Relations

A career in Public Relations (PR) is mostly about managing your client’s or employer’s public reputation. Therefore, people who work in PR are usually well-versed in various forms of communication and persuasion. Furthermore, they are usually individuals who enjoy working with people, meaning they enjoy interacting with the client or employer in light of finding the correct method to maintain their reputation. A very important skill for doing that effectively is active listening, which should hence be another trait these professionals have. It is also pretty much a given that PR professionals have a very high degree of critical thinking abilities in that they can think quickly ‘on their feet’ should an issue arise out of nowhere. 

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How to write your own Public Relations resume?

1. Point out relevant theoretical knowledge of the PR field

Despite being quite an unpredictable sector at first sight, there is a lot of more technical aspects to a career in public relations. Furthermore, the very basic but essential abilities like spotting trends, researching properly, and more are can basically only be learned at an esteemed university. Therefore, you should have a credential which shows that you completed some form of formal education which specialized in the methods and theory of the position you are seeking.

Public Relations Education Example

BA Communications, Media and Society / University of Manchester (09/2013 – 06/2016)

  • "Relevant modules include: Advertising, Culture and Communication, Media Audiences, The Media in Britain, Media, Identity and he Popular, New Media and the Wired World, Analysing Communication Processes."

2. If you have it, provide details of your previous work experience in the sector

After showcasing that you have the theoretical knowledge and some basic experience in PR, it follows that you should likely hone them in the workplace. If you have already finished your studies and worked in the industry, a good list of the responsibilities you had in those workplaces can go a long way in showing the recruiters that you kept yourself exposed to the niches of a PR profession and that your skills might have developed.

Public Relations Work Experience Example

Internship / Dulwood PR Agency (06/2015 – 09/2015)

  • "Tasked with writing press releases, speaking to journalists by telephone, organizing photo shoots."

  • "Managed agency’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and posted content on the website blog."

  • "Supported Agency Deputy Director in a project on behalf of a national client to help produce publicity materials and initiate social media campaign."

  • "Gained insight into what skills are needed to establish a successful PR career by talking to staff."

3. Include any extra practice of the skills that are important for a PR job

The importance of honing your interpersonal abilities and soft skills really cannot be stressed enough when it comes to this profession. Therefore, you should try to provide your potential employers with accounts of when you did anything extra to ‘train’ yourself. Volunteering or organizing public events would fit perfectly.

Public Relations Volunteering Example

  • "Discover Management: A week-long event run by the University of Manchester designed to give participants an insight into management. Involved using problem-solving skills to successfully resolve a series of challenges and offered the opportunity to work with employers from external companies."

  • "Raising over £500 for charity by organizing baking events, jumble sales, and selling raffle tickets."

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