Warehouse Clerk Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2023

What does it take to create a great warehouse clerk resume? This CV guide will provide you with every tool you need to build a great resume for your job.
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Last updated: Oct. 26, 2023
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Shelf Stocker Resume Sample
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The ultimate guide to writing a warehouse clerk resume

A resume guide for warehouse clerks that provides writing advice and resume examples. Topics covered include resume formatting, writing a resume summary, selecting key warehouse clerk skills, describing work experience effectively, and properly listing education. 

As a warehouse clerk, you have an essential role to play in maintaining the operational efficiency of a professional warehouse. When writing a resume to earn this position, it is crucial to include the right details about your experience, skills, education, and more to impress employers and land your ideal job. 

In this guide, you will learn all about how to create an effective resume as a warehouse clerk.

Keep reading to learn the answers to the following questions:

  • Which resume format is best suited for a warehouse clerk?
  • How can a warehouse clerk write a compelling resume summary?
  • What key warehouse clerk should be included on a resume?
  • How do you properly describe work experience as a warehouse clerk?
  • What is the correct way to list education on a resume as a warehouse clerk?

1. Which resume format is best suited for a warehouse clerk?

In general, any type of clerk or administrative role is best served by the reverse-chronological resume.

Reverse-chronological resumes focus primarily on work experience, showcasing your key responsibilities and accomplishments from previous positions. In this format, the work experience section will take up the majority of the document, listing your most recent position first and working backward from there. 

However, if you lack relevant experience – or if you have relevant skills from a different type of position – you may want to opt for one of the following alternative formats:

  • Functional resumes: The functional resume focuses on education, skills, and unpaid experience rather than work experience. This format is commonly used by recent graduates or current students who have academic experience but very limited work histories. 
  • Hybrid resumes: The hybrid resume combines elements from both the functional and the reverse-chronological formats. It spreads the focus on the document more evenly between all sections, making it perfect for applicants with some academic background and some relevant work experience. 

2. How can a warehouse clerk write a compelling resume summary?

A resume summary is a brief introductory statement at the beginning of a resume. In this summary, your aim is to write 1 to 3 sentences that grab the attention of employers and illuminate the value you contribute as an employee. 

To illustrate how to write a strong summary, we have provided a weak example, followed by a correction and explanation: 

Incorrect warehouse clerk resume summary example:

Warehouse Clerk with more than 5 years of experience working in industrial warehouses. Responsible for implementing a new electronic file management system that increased previous employer’s operational efficiency. 

What's wrong with this example? In this example, the applicant needs to provide more exact information regarding their experience, as well as providing greater context around the electronic file management system they installed. By adding a greater level of detail, this summary can go from relatively bland to exceptional. 

Corrected warehouse clerk resume summary example:

Industrial Warehouse clerk with 5+ years of experience managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and maintaining warehouse records. Specialized in electronic file management systems, helping previous employer install a new system that increased operational efficiency by 25%.     

Why is this better? In this corrected example, the applicant uses more engaging language and offers specific details that make their responsibilities and accomplishments clear to employers. They include exact numbers, which makes this summary a lot stronger overall. 

3. What key warehouse clerk skills should be included on a resume?

Skills play a critical role in your resume. Not only should you create a dedicated skills section, but you should also use them to enhance your work experience section and resume summary. 

Moreover, you should include both hard and soft skills on your resume. Hard skills refer to your technical, learned abilities, while soft skills refer to your interpersonal abilities. Soft skills can be both inherent and learned, while hard skills must almost always be obtained. 

Here are 10 examples of both hard and soft skills that look great on a warehouse clerk resume:

Hard skills

  • Data Collection and Entry
  • Shipment Packaging and Labeling
  • Inventory Management
  • Operating Heavy Machinery
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Contract Negotiation
  • OSHA & Company Safety Standards
  • Strong Reading Comprehension
  • Physical Strength and Stamina (always check job postings for specific physical strength requirements and reflect these on your resume.) 

Soft skills 

  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Delegation
  • Teamwork
  • Organization and Planning
  • Coordinating with Vendors
  • Personable 
  • Time Management
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention to Detail

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4. How do you properly describe work experience as a warehouse clerk?

Your work experience section is one of the most important sections on your resume. This is where employers will look to find the previous positions you held, your key responsibilities, and any accomplishments you achieved in your time in the position.

Additionally, employers use the work experience section to measure your longevity within a position. This makes it all the more important to place extra focus on your best work. 

Here is an example of a work experience entry from a warehouse clerk resume:

Warehouse Clerk | McMillan’s Distribution Center

Fort Lauderdale, FL | March 2017 to February 2020

  • Sourced and established contracts with 3 new vendors, resulting in a 15% reduction in purchasing expenses. 
  • Managed and filed high-volume paperwork, including shipment orders, packaging labels, and financial records. 
  • Operated heavy machinery to move and organize inventory cases, including a forklift and pallet truck. 

5. What educational credentials should a warehouse clerk put on a resume? 

To become a warehouse clerk, most employers require at least a high school diploma or GED, as well as any relevant training or certification requirements. Desired certifications and training will vary from employer to employer, with some expecting applicants to have certain qualifications already, while others provide the necessary training once an applicant is hired. 

No matter which credentials you have, it is always important to include the following information:

  • The name of your degree or certificate
  • The name of your school, university, or certifying institution
  • Graduation dates (when applicable)
  • Certification expiration dates (when applicable)

Here is an example of a well-crafted education section on a warehouse clerk resume: 


High School Diploma | Ashe County High School

West Jefferson, NC

  • Graduated: 2018
  • GPA: 3.8


Published on May 31, 2022
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