Summer Research Intern at University of Kentucky

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  • University of Kentucky

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Summer Research Intern at University of Kentucky
Position Overview:

Summer Research Intern

Summer research is a great opportunity for undergraduate and post-graduate science students to gain a "real-world" experience and significantly improve their CVs and employability. You can take part in various researches based on your major. As a Summer Research Intern, you will spend most of your time in the lab performing various data collection and analysis duties. After that, you'll examine the results and transform them into scientific papers and reports. The Summer Research Inters are usually hired by universities and these programs are standardly very competitive. There are paid and unpaid opportunities and the average wage of these professionals is $20 per hour.

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How to write your own Summer Research Intern resume?

1. Explain your academic achievements

If you are pursuing an academic career path, the education section will be one of the most important parts of your resume and you should spend an appropriate amount of time making it as good as possible. Any academic awards and accomplishments should be included and you can also mention important coursework and, for example, publications (if applicable). On the other side, do not make the mistake of making this section too long and try to always stay consistent and to the point. Perfecting the education section will improve your resume and significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Summer Research Intern Academic Award Example

Dean's List / University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences (05/2017)

  • "To make a Dean’s List in one of the UK colleges, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.6 or higher and must have earned 12 credits or more in that semester, excluding credits earned in pass-fail classes."

2. Add volunteering section

As a student or fresh graduate, you probably don't have much work experience and that's the main reason why you should compensate it by including other sections to your resume where you can show off your qualities and abilities. One of the best sections to do this is volunteering. Often described as useless, your volunteering experience can actually help you to stand out from the crowd, especially if it's relevant to the job you are applying for. Therefore, do not hesitate and add all relevant volunteering positions to your resume. Again, don't make this section too long and only include things which you feel are important and the recruiters might find them interesting.

Summer Research Intern Volunteering Example

Medical Assistant / Global Brigades, Inc., Lexington, USA (09/2014 – present)

  • "Volunteers on Medical Brigades work closely together with licensed medical professionals to provide quality health initiatives to a community that otherwise has limited access to health care."

3. Write a thank-you email

Even though this tip does not directly apply to creating a good resume, we feel it's very important and should not be skipped. Knowing how to write a good thank-you email can be very helpful. Imagine that you went to an interview and did, in your opinion, very well. But you are against other 9-10 candidates and most of them, not surprisingly, won't send the email. What do you think are the hiring managers gonna say when they see that you are the only one who sent it? Right, that you have done something extra. And although we realize it's not the most important thing, by doing something as simple as that and spending a few minutes on the thank-you email, you actually be the one who gets the job. 

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