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Sprint Sales Consultant Resume Example
Position Overview:

Sales Consultant

The purpose of hiring a Sales Consultant is to have them complete first-class sales by answering questions and responding to requests that a potential client or consumer has about a product or service. They essentially act as a mediator between the consumer and manufacturer, attempting to meet the consumers’ needs and desires to sell them goods. Core Sales Consultant duties include meeting with clients and potential clients to drive product sales and knowledge, generating new leads from those meetings, and making the product appeal to consumers based on market trends. Sales Consultants have to be great presenters, know what they are selling, and ideally, people-oriented.

Company Overview:
Sprint Corporation

Sprint is one of the biggest US-based communication services companies on the market. As of June 2018, it served over 50 million customers and is known for being involved in all the newest developments in the industry as well as actively creating their own innovative solutions to deliver only the best for the users of their networks. Today, the firm continues its innovative streak by focusing on increasing speed across its nationwide network and rolling out the first 5G mobile network in America. Sprint’s employees are quick to point out they work in nice surroundings and great people. The only predominant complaint seems to be a worse work/life balance.

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How to write your own Sales Consultant resume?

1. Point to relevant work experience to build credibility

Selling goods is a skill that is developed and perfected over time by constantly having to do it. With a resume for this position, having a lot of work experience to point to is an important benefit, as it shows readers that if they hire you, you know what to do.

While describing your previous posts, be sure to provide brief descriptions of how well you performed. Did you make a big sale that helped the company overall? Were customers especially pleased with the services you provided them? Anything along such line should be included in the list of relevant work experience because it also speaks to your methods actually working.

Sales Consultant Resume Work Experience Example

Verizon Wireless / Sales Consultant (09/2018 – PRESENT); PINOLE, UNITED STATES

  • "Assisted store manager with setting up and taking down various sales floor marketing displays."

  • "Communicated client's financial requirements by constructing easy-to-understand data and process models."

  • "Coordinated incoming and outgoing shipments."

2. Highlight skills that could be of particular benefit to a firm

It is in your interest to be quite detailed when constructing the content of your resume, so it makes sense that you might include a lot of information in it. In this case, it can be helpful for you to also provide something that gives readers a brief run-down of what they are about to read or what they’ve just read.

It is good to have a list of key takeaways after you describe something like your previous work experience be present in the resume. It can essentially serve as something that clearly outlines what readers should remember or be reminded of when they start making decisions about who to hire.

Sales Consultant Resume Skills Example

  • "Computer Skills"

  • "Establishing a quick rapport"

  • "Action-oriented"

  • "Flexible/Adaptable"

  • "Attention to detail"

  • "Goal-oriented"

  • "Closing sales"

3. Go beyond the standard expectations people have of sales professionals

Usually, salesmen and saleswomen are not expected to have a robust formal education background or a particularly flashy early career as the skills that make them good at their job cannot really be taught. What can however be taught, is the background of the field in which they perform their sales duties. 

If you have a more formal background or experience that could make you particularly knowledgeable about a specific industry and you happen to be applying for a sales job in that industry, point it out! Extra knowledge makes anyone think quicker on their feet if faced with an unexpected question or problem, only adding to their trustworthiness, which consumers always look for.

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