Software Engineer Resume Example

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Software Engineer Resume Example

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What positions is this resume example for?

Software Developer. Software Engineer. Lead Software Engineer. Software Engineering Intern. Front-end Developer. Back-end Developer. Full Stack Developer. Web Developer.

What does a Software Engineer do?

Development and implementation of new software solutions, management and coordination of junior employees, investigation and analysis of any IT-related issues, and making informed and data-driven decisions which affect the company and its' business are all classic examples of what is an experienced Software Engineer usually responsible for. Besides that, they also often participate in the creation of web systems and improvement of existing web services to increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary expenses.

What qualifications will you need to apply for a Software Engineering position?

In order to apply for a Software Engineer job, you'll need to already have multiple years of experience in not only software engineering but other IT fields as well. Also, extensive knowledge of various coding languages, such as Java, Clojure or JavaScript, and other software programs is usually required. Moreover, you should also be able to demonstrate the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, perform well under pressure, adapt to change, and lead a group of individuals towards a common goal. The university degree in a related field is usually not mandatory but might be a big plus. The average annual salary of Software Engineers in the United States is $103,035.

How to write your own Software Engineer resume?

1. Use a professionally designed template

Instead of simply building your resume in Microsoft Word or any other text editor, you should consider using a professional resume template. Don't get us wrong. There is nothing bad about writing your resume in a text editor, however, if you want to move it to the next level and show to the recruiters that you take it seriously, using a resume template might be the right step for you. It will not only add a graphical element to it and make it look more elegant but will also significantly increase its' chances of getting noticed by employers. The templates will save you a lot of time and effort too. Resume above is a great example of using a professional template.

2. Draw attention to your accomplishments

Let the hiring managers know about your achievements. Rather than describing all your work responsibilities, which can basically anyone find easily on the Internet, try to talk more about the successful projects you have worked on. They will also serve as perfect proof of your qualities and abilities. To improve this even more, add numbers to the accomplishments to show the specific results of your work. You can also include any awards or promotions you have received throughout the years.

 Software Engineer Achievements Example

  • "Developed a system that maintains threat matrices and other deployment information for the US military. It uses Java and tomcat to implement a RESTful API which is connected to by the front end which is a web application written using the Sencha framework in JavaScript and HTML5."
  • "Worked on “MyLicense 2000” which was an app for maintaining licenses for states so that they could keep track of which individuals possessed licenses to do what. The client was written in Java and the website was in Visual Basic. Also used Documentum to pass documents between itself and outside."
  • "Designed and built an application to help patients keep track of their medications as well as provide reminders to patients regarding when to take their medications."


3. Remove any unnecessary information

Don't make any section of your resume too long. If you do, you risk that the recruiters will quickly lose interest in it and get bored and that's something you really don't want. That's the main reason why making sure that every word in your resume is there for a reason is so important. For instance, instead of adding 10 long bullet points to each work experience, try to include 5-6 most relevant ones to every one of them. Or if you think that the profile summary of your resume is too long, try to shorten it without killing the value. You can also delete any unimportant sections. Ideally, a resume should be about 1-2 pages long.

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