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Senior Systems Analyst CV Sample
Position Overview:

Senior Systems Analyst

Any Senior Systems Analyst has to have strong business skills and is usually responsible for analysing, reviewing, and modifying systems. This includes systems like encoding, testing, debugging, and installing tools to support application systems. They consult users in order to identify current procedures and redraw programme objective. Outcomes of these tasks are usually written documents which describe the custom configuration of applications and procedures that liaison 3rd party consultants. To successfully fulfill all these duties, Senior Systems Analysts have to have a good grasp of written communication, but also some background knowledge in the field or related area. 

Company Overview:
Ingram Micro Mobility

Being a technological solutions company, INGRAM Micro is truly a workplace that can guarantee you job stability. Firms around the world, all the way from the financial sector to manufacturing, are looking to modernize and make their operations run more efficiently. The company takes care of solutions for supply chains, cloud, and mobility among other things. Due to this kind of assurance, workers enjoy great company culture, consistent orders from the management, and good organization. Unfortunately, the growth of this sector also results in individuals sometimes having to work more than what they would like, but it seems like the stability of a good culture outweighs that detail.

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How to write your own Senior Systems Analyst resume?

1. Demonstrate a background that proves your expertise

Since prior knowledge of the field is a non-written requirement for anyone hoping to become a Senior Systems Analyst, it is very important you give instances of work experience or education where you could have acquired such knowledge. 

Moreover, do not just simply state a position worked or diploma that you received, but also give a comprehensive rundown of what exactly your duties entailed. Specificity will reassure readers that you didn’t simply stand through your time at the firm or school doing nothing of significance, and actually had your share of important work that may have given you some skills and knowledge.

Senior Systems Analyst Work Responsibilities Example

  • "Evaluate the functioning of the applications and make recommendations for change"

  • "Participate in testing connected with system upgrades and installment of new applications"

  • "Work with senior analysts to create and maintain applications using Oracle Forms and Reports"

  • "Provide end-user support and maintenance for all DOC applications"

  • "Work with vendor to create test plans and scenarios for end-users inspecting a java based application project"

2. Showcase any achievements that can make you stand out

After demonstrating the range of your abilities with relevant examples of previous work experience, it makes a lot of sense to show what those abilities have reaped either for you or for your previous employers. 

If you received any recognition like awards or scholarships for work that is related to the things you could be doing on the job, be sure to include them in the resume. This will make you seem like a more valuable worker and make your resume seem unique.

Senior Systems Analyst Achievements Example

  • "Google Developer Challenge Scholarship Recipient: 2018"

  • "Sprite Step-Off Scholarship Recipient: 2011"

  • "Dean’s List: 2006-2007"

3. Use expert but unintimidating language

An overarching feature of this resume should essentially be that once it is read, it leaves one behind with a feeling that it belongs to someone who is really well-trained to carry out any responsibilities they may come across.

The best way to achieve that is by sounding like an expert. Use sentences that one might hear in the workplace of a Systems Analyst. Be careful however, there is a fine line between what people will regard as expertise and what they will find daunting or even as ‘showing off’. Making the recruiter feel bored or judgemental is exactly the opposite of what you want to do.

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