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Scotiabank Business Analyst Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Business Analyst

The main duty of these professionals is usually to conduct a market and industry analysis that helps a company to better adjust its' products and services which then leads to an increase in revenue and profitability. They also often participate in the development and implementation of business information systems, work on the improvement of internal and external reporting, and continuously monitor data quality metrics. Therefore, excellent analytical skills, strong attention to detail and accuracy, and important critical thinking abilities are a must. Besides that, good Business Analysts should also possess a relevant university degree and be educated and experienced in different aspects of a business as they might work closely with colleagues from various departments and execute tasks that require expertise in various fields.

Company Overview:

Powered by an international team of more than 90,000 professionals, The Bank of Nova Scotia is with 25 million customers, one of the largest financial institutions not only in Canada but in the whole world. They offer a wide range of products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and corporate and investment banking. According to various employee reviews, it's a place with a wonderful working atmosphere and great organizational culture. Even though the workload might be challenging sometimes, you'll be collaborating with industry experts from around the globe, at the company which has been recognized as a Best Workplace in Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, and Latin America. On top of that, they offer multiple other benefits, such as fair pay and great opportunities to grow.

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How to write your own Business Analyst resume?

1. Include core qualifications

Let the recruiters know what are you especially good at and what are the key qualities which make you a great fit to their team and company. However, there is no need to make this a separate section and you can just include it to the profile part, right behind your resume summary. It's also a great way to show to the hiring managers that you have all the experience needed to successfully execute the job and all assigned duties. Try to make this part as relevant as possible to ensure that you actually are a person recruiters are looking for. This can be done by reviewing and examining a specific job description, identifying important keywords, and then including them to your resume.

Business Analyst Core Qualifications Example

  • "Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills; able to communicate effectively to management, users, developers, and cross-functional team members."

  • "Working knowledge of banking and insurance products, marketing, and business processes."

  • "Well-developed analytical and problem-solving skills."

2. Customize it!

Don't make the mistake of sending the same resume for every job application. You should tailor it to the specific job description. Although this might take you a lot of time and effort, it's very important and if you do it properly, it'll significantly increase your chances of getting hired. This tip is actually so crucial that even if you do nothing else, always personalize your resume. As mentioned above, read the job ad multiple times to determine who and what are the hiring managers looking for? After that, based on the findings, adjust your resume to it. What's more, basically any section of your resume can be customized, from profile and work experience to education and skills. Just remember, don't make the stuff up!

3. Consider adding a hobbies section

A resume should not only be about your career life but ought to rather create a complex image of you as a person and professional. That's why it's good to show off a little bit of your personality as well. You can do this by including a hobbies section to the end of your resume. On the other way, do not make this section too long and try to stay as relevant as possible. And it would be even better if at least some of your hobbies were associated with the position you're applying for. The resume above provides a great example of how to create the perfect hobbies section.

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