How to write a compelling salesforce administrator resume?

Salesforce administrators are in demand, with the industry growing exponentially over the next decade; however, with these new jobs comes a lot of competition. As more and more people submit their resumes for salesforce administrator positions around the world, you’ll find you need to create a resume that hiring managers love.

While this may feel like an uphill battle, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to build the perfect salesforce administrator resume with the four key sections they’ll look at and start seeing the job offers start rolling in from nearly every company you apply for.

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1. How to write a proper salesforce administrator professional summary?

Let’s start with the normal hiring process. People apply and their resumes go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS will automatically sort through resumes looking for keywords. Resumes that have them will go directly to the hiring manager or recruiter while those that don’t are discarded.

That means most resumes never even have human eyes land on them. So, if your resume gets to a hiring manager, you’ve passed the first hurdle. However, hiring managers still have a lot of resumes to go through, and they’ll work through them quickly by reading the summary. Those with a boring summary will usually get thrown out, so you need to make sure your summary stands out.

For a salesforce administrator resume, start out by using a word to describe yourself as well as your experience. So, for example, a proper resume summary first sentence might look something like, “Driven salesforce administrator with 15 years at a Fortune 500 company.”

Right away hiring managers know one of your traits, how much experience you have and that you’ve worked for a prestigious company. The remaining space (you don’t want to exceed 4 sentences) should talk about your accomplishments.

So, if you lead your team to increase revenue by 35% last quarter or have great project management skills, now is the time to list them. You won’t need to worry about proving yourself quite yet (save that for the work experience section), and give an elevator pitch rundown of what you’ve accomplished over your career.

Salesforce administrator professional summary example

Results-driven and motivated Salesforce Administrator offering exceptional communication and leadership skills and the important ability to function well under pressure. With 3 years of relevant experience and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the George Mason University, looking for a Salesforce Administrator job within a forward-moving company.

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2. How to include your most significant accomplishments in your work experience section?

Your work experience will speak for itself, so make sure you capitalize on what you’ve accomplished. The most common mistake we see with the work experience section is people listing their job responsibilities.

Hiring managers and recruiters already know what you were supposed to do at your job. Instead, write about what you actually did at your last position. For example, if you increased the efficiency of your sales process by 15% every year or trained 100 employees on the latest software system, put that measurable data on your work experience bullet points.

Next, take a look at the job listing you’re responding to. If they’re looking for someone with a proven track record of resolving system errors, make sure to include that as well as how you accomplished it.

Finally, remember that job history shouldn’t go back more than 15 years (with relevant experience) and each job shouldn’t have more than six bullet points underneath it. If your experience is in a different industry, look to make connections between your past job and the sales administrator position you’re applying to.

Salesforce administrator work experience section example

MH Corporation, LLC, Fairfax, VA, United States
Sales Supervisor

  • Coordinated and managed 2 sales teams to ensure that the company's revenue goals were always met.
  • Identified and communicated with potential customers and developed and implemented new sales strategies and plans.
  • Reviewed and analyzed market trends and recruited and trained new sales personnel.
  • Produced detailed reports and pro-actively participated in weekly team meetings with executives.
  • Recognized as a top-achieving employee for increasing sales by 150% within 2 years.

3. How to improve your salesforce administrator education section?

Your education can push your resume over the edge, so make sure to make it stand out as much as you can. Most people will only list their college, years attended, and degree obtained.

However, you can push your education by also talking about relevant experience, extracurriculars, relevant classwork, projects and achievements as well.

This section doesn’t necessarily need to be long (we suggest listing no more than three bullet points under each school), but it does allow you to showcase what makes you a great candidate. If you are freshly graduated from your program, this is where your experience can really stand out, so take the time to spend a little more time showcasing what you learned in school to show why you’re the right fit for the job you’re applying for.

Salesforce administrator education section example

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, United States
Business Administration

  • GPA: 4.0 (Top 1% of the Program)
  • The 2015 Dean's Award winner for achieving extraordinary academic results
  • Clubs and Societies: Economics Society, FinTech Society, TEDx Club

4. How to upgrade your salesforce administrator skills section?

You have a lot of skills in your arsenal, and your skill section allows you to prove why you’re great for the job. However, narrowing down what to include can be time consuming. Instead of simply listing off some of your skills and hoping one sticks, take the time to make a list of your hard and soft skills. Your list may look something like this:

The best salesforce administrator soft skills to put on your resume

  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Organizational
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Effective hard skills for your salesforce administrator CV

  • Technical
  • Project Management
  • Computer
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Administrative

After creating your skills list, look at the job listing for the position you’re applying for. Does the listing ask for a proven leader with excellent time management and accounting skills?

Make sure to include these terms in your skills section. However, this doesn’t mean you should simply copy the job listing. Instead, include some skills they’re looking for as well as others that regularly come in handy when working as a sales administrator.

Remember that your skills section isn’t simply a place for you to list every skill you have. If that was the case, your resume could go on for 10+ pages. Instead, look to include 8-12 skills, with a roughly equal divide between hard and soft skills.

Finally, don’t be afraid to tailor your skills section to each job you’re applying for. One position might be looking for someone with excellent organizational skills while another might have a heavy focus on sales. Tailor your skill section to match what each job is looking for.

Create a resume easily and quickly for your next sales administrator position by following this resume guide. By creating strong summary, work experience, education and skills sections, you’ll build a resume that hiring managers can’t resist reading. Want a little more inspiration?

Choose your preferred template and check out our sales administrator resume examples to create your perfect resume.

Published on Feb. 28, 2023

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