How to write a successful retail store manager cover letter

Retail store managers play a diverse role in retail businesses, from ensuring inventory is properly managed and supervising staff members to providing customers with an excellent in-store experience. To earn a position as a retail store manager, it is crucial to write a compelling cover letter that convinces employers you are the best person for the job.

In this guide, we cover 5 steps on how to write a successful retail store manager cover letter to land the job of your dreams. Keep reading to learn:

  • Why a well-formatted cover letter header and headline are essential
  • How to personalize a cover letter for each specific employer
  • What to say to impress employers in your cover letter introduction
  • How to describe your skills and accomplishments as a retail store manager
  • What information a strong cover letter conclusion should include

1. How to properly format your store manager cover letter header and headline

Whenever you submit a cover letter to an employer, it is not just your words they pay attention to.

The appearance and visual flow of your cover letter are also highly important and do not go unnoticed by employers. However, unlike a resume, a cover letter is not broken into several neat little sections that automatically give the document a pleasant-looking format.

Instead, you must rely on two key elements to give your cover letter visual appeal: the cover letter header and the cover letter headline.

The header comes first, located in the top left corner of the page. Here, an employer should find all the necessary information about who you are and how to get in touch with you.

This information includes:

  • Your name and professional title
  • Your professional contact information
  • The name of the company you are applying to (formatted like a formal letter address)

Here is an example of a well-formatted retail store manager header

Jerry Sprinkler, Retail Store Manager
(123) 456-7890 | |

To: H & M Department Store
1234 Street Address
Asheville, NC 28715

Next, you will write your headline. A headline is placed a few spaces below the header and typically centered on the page. In this header, your main goal is to offer a concise summary of the main point or points of your letter.

To accomplish this, you should include:

  • A keyword that is highly relevant to the employer and job
  • A number and/or trigger word that is eye-catching and compelling
  • An adjective and/or verb that adds extra value and detail
  • A promise statement that tells the employer this letter is exclusively for them

Here is an example of a well-written retail store manager headline

My 5-Step Approach to Effective Retail Store Management & How It Will Benefit Your Business

Trigger Word/Number: 5-Step Approach
Keyword: Retail Store Management
Adjective/Verb: Effective, Benefit
Promise Statement: Your Business

2. How to personalize your retail store manager cover letter

Before beginning to write the body text of your cover letter, it is essential to consider what type of information you should include.

In your headline, you included a promise statement that let the employer know that the letter is written specifically for them. To follow through on this promise, you must personalize the content of the letter to directly reflect the wants, needs, and values of the employer.

This personalization process requires you to do some moderate research into the employer, such as combing through their website or reading press articles about them.

While completing this research, you should also seek out which specific staff member is most likely to read your cover letter, such as a hiring manager. Once you have identified this person, you can create a personalized greeting that addresses them by name.

Here are 3 examples of personalized retail store manager cover letter greetings

  • Dear Hiring Manager John Doe,
  • Dear Mr. John Doe,
  • Dear Mr. John Doe & the Retail Team,

3. How to craft an impressive retail store manager cover letter introduction

A snappy and compelling introduction is a recipe for success when it comes to impressing employers as quickly as possible. While you want to keep your introduction concise, you should also make sure to include all the key details, such as:

  • Your professional history
  • Your specialized knowledge or areas of expertise
  • A mutual acquaintance that can serve as a professional reference (when possible)
  • An enthusiastic statement about your desire to work for this company

Here is an example of an exceptional introduction from a retail store manager cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager John Doe,

In my more than 8 years of experience working as a retail store manager, I have gained many specialized areas of expertise — such as promotional marketing and product development — that make me a highly qualified candidate for this position at your store. My former co-manager from [Previous Employer] now works as your store’s regional manager and asked me to apply for this opportunity after discussing the role with me.

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4. How to describe your skills and accomplishments as a retail store manager

Next, you will move on from your introduction to provide a more in-depth look into the relevant skills and accomplishments that make you a competitive candidate.

These skills and accomplishments should be as specific and quantifiable as possible, letting the employer know the professional value you have to offer to their business.

Here are 6 skills to describe in a retail store manager cover letter

  • Merchandising techniques
  • Budget management
  • Inventory management
  • Hiring, onboarding, and training processes
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Leadership (when discussing leadership, make sure to describe your exact leadership style)

Here is an example of an expertly described accomplishment from a retail store manager cover letter:

As the retail store manager at [Former Employer], I was brought on as part of an initiative to raise the store’s overall customer satisfaction and public image. After overhauling the customer support department and implementing new digital solutions for customer service, the store saw a more than 40% increase in reported customer satisfaction.

5. How to build a strong conclusion for your retail store manager cover letter

To finish off your retail store manager cover letter, you must write a strong closing statement.

For this conclusion to be effective, it needs to reiterate your interest in and enthusiasm for this opportunity, as well as provide the employer with clear instructions on how to get in touch with you.

Your conclusion should include:

  • An enthusiastic sentence saying you are looking forward to hearing from them
  • An additional sentence stating you will follow up, including how you will contact them or how they can contact you
  • A formal sign-off

Here is an example of a strong conclusion from a retail store manager cover letter

I would like to express my deepest thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter, as well as my great enthusiasm for this opportunity. At your earliest convenience, please contact me at (123) 456-7890 to discuss this position further. If I have not heard from you by next Wednesday, I intend to follow up at that time.


[Applicant Name]

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Published on Sept. 28, 2022

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