Myacico Acquisition Analyst Resume Example

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Myacico Acquisition Analyst Resume Example
Position Overview:

Acquisition Analyst

Acquisition analysts are corporate strategists who study their employer’s respective industry and make purchases and sales, enact reforms, and even oversee mergers with the goal of achieving sustained growth and greater efficiency. The main task through which these core responsibilities are conducted is the evaluation of financial reports, analyzing company operations, and thinking about how the company fits within a larger portfolio or business. Analysts build ‘mosaics’ to help the upper-level management make decisions on a deal with another company or important client. Numerical skills, as well as organizational and communication abilities, are fundamentally important for creating and implementing all recommendations.

Company Overview:
MYACICO is a subsidiary of ACICO Indonesia, one of the biggest retailers in the country. It is one of the fastest-growing B2B and B2G web destinations for customers’ shopping needs. The company is focused on 8 core industries – IT, photography, office equipment, telecommunications, electronics, gadgets and hobbies, electrical and mechanicals. It has been the firm’s long-running commitment to ensure transparency and the best pricing available through using a powerful search engine. The commitment to employees is taken seriously here, with HR always providing support and guidance from day one. Because the company is part of a larger conglomerate, there is a lot of managerial styles and mindsets that you may have to deal with.

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How to write your own Acquisition Analyst resume?

1. Provide a brief overview of your past experience and achievements

The end goal of every analyst’s assignment is to somehow positively affect the inner working of the operations of the company they work for. Hence, readers of your resume will look for these instances in your past careers. It simply gives them an idea of the scope and kind of changes you are able to push through and whether those changes are worth the hassle of implementing them.

Therefore, make sure that somewhere on your resume, you describe instances of when you were able to both draw up and convince the management to implement a change or strategy with which business was to be done.

Acquisition Analyst Resume Profile Example

  • "I participated in English Speech competition by GS Fame Institute and Business, also English Olympic by High School. I completed Table Manner Program by JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta, and joined many kinds of seminars, International and Local, such as "Identity In You" by Master EQ Trainer Indonesia, "Beauty Class" by Face Shop, "Culinary Performance" by O Channel, PT. Omni Intivision and many mores in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Industry categories."

2. List skills take are potentially relevant to performing well on the job

Being an analyst requires one to have on-hand accessible knowledge about everything from the current trends of the industry to how to use affine software and format important documents or figures. 

Given that all these skills are something that makes up the base-line expectations of any recruiter, it is extremely important that you highlight that you do have those abilities and that you are capable of utilizing them. Create a list with some sort of ‘skill proficiency’ element, just like the one in this resume sample, so that you make sure you tell the reader that you do in fact fulfill even the most basic expectations they have of an applicant.

Acquisition Analyst Resume Skills Example

  • "English - Very Good"

  • "Chinese - Very Good"

  • "French - Elementary"

  • "MS Word - Very Good"

  • "MS PowerPoint - Very Good"

  • "MS Excel - Very Good"

  • "Leadership - Very Good"

  • "Teamwork - Very Good"

  • "Negotiation - Very Good"

3. Be detailed but maintain an appropriate level of brevity

With a position as focused on results like this one, it is really important that you really emphasize what you did in your everyday reality as an employee. Specifically, the end result of your work. That is an aspect that is somewhat lacking in this sample. We would recommend that in your “Work experience” section, you give a little more detail as to what you did and what your results are. There is a healthy limit that applies to how much detail and specificity you use, however, it is bad to go overboard and dumb the reader down by items that are not as relevant to the main theme of your application. Try to get a sense of balance between insight and clarity as you write.

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