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Microsoft Cloud Program Manager Resume Template
Position Overview:

Cloud Program Manager

As a Cloud Program Manager, you will be mainly responsible for the coordination and execution of various cloud-related business projects. You also might be in charge of the whole cloud business unit and supervise large teams. Besides that, some of the tasks a Cloud Project Manager spends most of the work time on include improving the provided cloud computing services, developing and implementing new, more efficient cloud solutions, and increasing the security and transparency of the cloud services. That being said, to become a Cloud Program Manager you'll need to have extensive knowledge of computer science and software development. Also, a previous experience in coordinating a group of individuals and performing various project/program management duties may be required.

Company Overview:

Known for its incredible success and famous founders and executives, Microsoft has been one of the leaders of the IT industry for over 40 years now. Besides great and above average salary and amazing diversity of the work, Microsoft employees also have a chance to influence everyday life of billions of people. On the other side, Microsoft is known as a company that demands a lot of hard work so your work-life balance may suffer.

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How to write your own Cloud Program Manager resume?

Just follow our resume guide! Other than that, this particular resume stood out for a number of different reasons. No wonder it succeeded at Google.

Let's take a look at what can YOU take away from this resume and use it in yours.

1. Tailor your work experience

Creating a perfect resume work experience section, full of relevant points and quantified achievements and accomplishments, may still not be enough. You might need to adjust it to the specific job ad and this is mostly done through including relevant keywords in the work experience part and potentially other sections of your resume. To define keywords, they are particular words and phrases which best describe the job ad. You can find them simply by examining the job descriptions of a position you want to apply for. After finding them, include them in your resume. Skipping this step might cost you a job since many companies are nowadays using the applicant tracking systems (ATS) which automates the early stages of the hiring process. If it doesn't identify the keywords in your resume it just won't move it forward.

Cloud Program Manager Keywords Example

  • "Run the Infra and *CLOUD COMPUTING BUSINESS* for Microsoft Global Delivery starting from a business plan, customer acquisition strategy, go to market plan, presales and delivery."

  • "Conceived and implemented the *INDUSTRIALIZED SERVICES MODEL* for *CLOUD* computing and infra services."

  • "Conceptualized and operationalized a unique rate card based pricing model used by Microsoft globally for selling *MIGRATION SERVICES*."

  • "Responsible for heading *CLOUD MIGRATION* factory which migrated more than 1 million mailboxes to the cloud."

2. List your education/certifications correctly

Moving on from the work experience, there are other important resume sections which need to be included as well. Not only they should not be left out but they also have to be listed in a proper way. For example, in the case of education, your highest degree should be placed first and all the other degrees after ought to be added in reverse-chronological order. This order is also usually used for all certifications or awards. Finally, don't forget to only include relevant things - if you have a PhD mentioning your high school studies is not necessary and should be avoided.

Microsoft Cloud Program Manager Resume Certificates Example 

  • "Office 365 Solutions Architect / Microsoft (2016-03)"

  • "Azure Solutions Architect / Microsoft (2015-06)"

  • "ITIL / ITSM (2012-06)"

3. Make it legible and be consistent

Make your resume to look as professional and as elegant as possible. In fact, writing a great resume is useless if the recruiters can't read it. That's why choosing the right format, font, spacing, etc. is so important. You could also try using some kind of resume template which will add a graphic element to your resume. For instance, we offer more than 50 professional resume templates which have been already used by over 300k successful job seekers.

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