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IT Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

IT Manager

As an Information Technology (IT) Manager, you will spend most of your work time on supervision and maintenance of a company's computing needs and requirements. Besides that, some of your other duties may include the development and implementation of new computer systems, recruiting, training, and coordination of new IT personnel, monitoring various daily operations, and development and management of IT budgets. Therefore, in order to apply for this position, you should possess extensive expertise in multiple areas of Information Technology and ought to also be skilled and adept at leading a group of individuals. On top of that, a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, software engineering, or a related field is usually mandatory.

Company Overview:
US Agency for International Development

The USAID or United States Agency for International Development is an American government institution that is mainly in charge of civilian foreign aid and development assistance. It was formed in 1961 and has its' headquarters in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Based on various employee reviews, it's a great place to work filled with well-experienced coworkers and an excellent work environment. Moreover, if you decide to join their team and get a job there, you will have a great chance to help people and make a real impact all over the world. On the other side, it's often described as a fast-paced job with challenging duties where work-life balance may sometimes suffer.

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How to write your own IT Manager resume?

1. Explain your responsibilities

Especially if you are aiming for a management position, you should be able to provide evidence of previous leadership experience. Therefore, rather than describing all your job duties, focus on those where you were in charge. These will help you to display yourself as a pro-active individual and will show to the potential employer that you can take an action and lead any project to a successful finish. On the other hand, don't include everything, just the most relevant points which align with the job description. You can also use this section to demonstrate your best skills and qualities and tailor your resume to the job ad, which will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

IT Manager Work Responsibilities Example

  • "Managed and supervised IT professionals (employees and contractors) working in the IT Operations area. Minimum of 5 years of management/leadership experience."

  • "Managed the development and maintenance of documentation including departmental policies, procedures, disaster recovery plans, and technical reports as it relates to IT Operations."

  • "Ensured network security through appropriate controls, policies, and deployment of systems; performed regular audits."

2. Include important certifications

You should try to add to your resume as much information relevant to the job you are applying for as possible. This could include anything from important skills, awards, and achievements to education and certificates. These not only serve as evidence of your knowledge and expertise but can be also used to create and provide a more complex image of yourself as a professional. Certificates ought to be always put into a separate section which is usually placed right behind the skills part. Just remember, include only the most relevant stuff!

IT Manager Certifications Example

  • "Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert / Microsoft (12/2014)"

  • "Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate / Microsoft (10/2014)"

  • "CCNA Routing and Switching / Cisco (12/2014)"

3. Don't make it too long

One thing we would change about the resume above is its' length. A resume for any position should not be longer than 2 pages as you might risk losing the hiring managers' attention. Moreover, it's also very important to keep your resume as simple as possible to make sure that it's easy to read. For instance, adding 10 bullet points to every work experience is not necessary and should be avoided. You ought to rather identify 5-6 key ideas for every job and include them in your resume.

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