Import & Logistics Manager Resume Sample

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Import & Logistics Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Import & Logistics Manager

The primary duty of people who hold this post is planning, directing, or coordinating the purchase, warehousing, and other activities that relate to a company’s logistical operations. This job is especially important to firms that sell and produce hardware, since supply chains have to manage in a way that meets the company’s production deadlines and storage facilities have to be arranged to accommodate finished products and shipping. The job also requires managing logistics personnel, and directing other daily operations, like reporting to superiors. Leadership and organization skills are of paramount importance! The average base salary for undertaking this job is quite high, at around $58k in the US.

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How to write your own Import & Logistics Manager resume?

1. Indicate a strong formal background in the field

Managerial positions require one to have a good grasp of the “formalities” of the job. Yes, it is possible to gain this knowledge from things like previous work experience, but if you can, try adding your university education to the resume so long as it is relevant for the post. 

Doing this is bound to bring a little bit more credibility to your resume. This can be the case especially if you do not have as much work experience as some of the other applicants may have. A good benefit of showing that you are a recent graduate too is that schools are usually at the forefront of any emerging business trends and methods, meaning you will not have to spend time teaching yourself on the job.

Import & Logistics Manager Education Example

  • "Business English / London School of English (09/2015 – 05/2016)"

  • "International Economic and Management /  Kyiv National Economic University (09/2009 - 08/2014)"      

2. Demonstrate your practical abilities

Managers should not waste time dealing with something that may require a more complex solution with some careful thinking involved. 

Therefore, the people who are trying to recruit an Import and Logistics Manager will look for someone who will make as few mistakes as possible and will not spend too much time learning themselves how to deal with more complicated issues. A way you can assure them you are that kind of person is demonstrating a good amount of previous experience where your managerial thinking and skills could have gotten fine-tuned.

Import & Logistics Manager Work Experience Example

Import & Logistics Manager / Ukrorgsynthez (12/2016 - present)

  • "Preparing new projects and their implementation"

  • "Optimizing business processes."

3. List something that can make you stand out more

Something we would point out is missing from this resume sample is a demonstration of extraordinary skill or ability. Don’t get us wrong, the credentials are impressive, but an applicant should always look for ways with this they could “wow” the reader. If you can, list any successes or impressive results you’ve achieved either in previous work experience or in activities outside the workplace, as long as they are relevant. If you can’t think of anything like this, simply describing something you have done apart from work can serve the same purpose. Volunteering or anything that can send a message of motivation and ability will always help you out with your application.

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