How to craft a professional human resources assistant cover letter

Human resources (HR) assistants have a crucial role to play in supporting HR departments across every industry. To find the right role for you, you will need to write a cover letter that captures both your generalized and specialized skills as an HR assistant.

In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about writing an HR assistant cover letter. Keep reading to learn all about:

  • How to format your HR assistant cover letter header & headline
  • Why you need to tailor your HR assistant cover letter for the job
  • What information to include in your HR assistant cover letter intro
  • How to showcase your skills and accomplishments as an HR assistant
  • What to say in your HR assistant cover letter conclusion

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1. Format your HR assistant cover letter header & headline correctly

Whenever you write a cover letter as an HR assistant, the first step is always to create your header and headline. These cover letter elements help give the document visual flow, as well as a bit of much-needed structure.

First up is your cover letter header, which should include:

  • Your name and professional title
  • Your professional contact information
  • The name of the company & department you are applying to
  • The company’s physical address

When listing this information, keep it organized and always prioritize your professional details first – your name should always be in the first line of text and, preferably, in a larger font and bolded.

Here is an example of a well-formatted HR assistant cover letter header

Sally Joe, HR Assistant
(123) 456-7890 | |

To: MoMo Staffing Company
Human Resources Department
1234 Street Address
Naples, FL, 34102

Once you have created a visually pleasing header, your next step is to write your cover letter headline – a short title statement that is used to grab employers’ attention. This header will fall below your header but before the introductory paragraph, and it will generally be centered on the page.

Your headline should include a keyword related to the position, an eye-catching number or trigger word, a powerful adjective or verb, and a promise.

Here is an example of a compelling HR assistant headline, followed by a quick explanation of its core components

My Top 3 Successes as an HR Assistant & How I Can Achieve Them at Your Business

Trigger Word/Number: 3 Successes
Keyword: HR Assistant
Adjective/Verb: Top, Achieve
Promise: Your Business – this detail says to the employer that your cover letter will directly address the needs of their business.

2. Tailor your HR assistant cover letter for the job

With your header and headline complete, your next task is to tailor your cover letter for the exact job you are applying to. This means you will need to research the company thoroughly beforehand, looking for information such as:

  • Who at the company will be responsible for reading your cover letter – you will use this information to create a personalized greeting that addresses this specific person by name
  • What the company’s values are. Also, look at their website and marketing materials to see what general language they use – and try to reflect some of the keywords you find in your letter
  • What projects, notable clients, or professional associations the company is involved with

Here are 3 examples of personalized HR assistant cover letter greetings

  • Dear Ms. Jane Doe,
  • Dear Head HR Manager Jane Doe,
  • Dear Ms. Jane Doe & the HR Team,

Pro Tip: When using honorifics (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.), always make sure you are using the correct one. If you are unsure, omit it completely – no need to offend an employer with an incorrect honorific.

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3. Make your HR assistant cover letter introduction appealing

The time has come to begin writing the actual paragraphs of your HR assistant cover letter, starting with your introduction. A strong introduction will include between 2 to 3 sentences that include:

  • An overview of your professional history – specifically, your level of experience and any professional specializations you have
  • A statement on why you are enthusiastic about applying to this company
  • A mutual acquaintance (when possible)

Pro Tip: Mutual acquaintances give you automatic brownie points with employers, as they provide a trusted professional reference and help you build credibility right off the bat. If you do not have a mutual acquaintance, try out a professional platform like LinkedIn to help build and expand your network.

Here is an example of a well-written HR assistant cover letter introduction

Dear Head HR Manager Jane Doe,

I am an HR assistant with 3+ years of experience working in retail recruitment. My former manager, Jack King, recently took on a position as an HR manager at your company and encourage me to apply for an opening on his team. As your department currently needs a recruitment specialist, I believe my experience is highly relevant and greatly qualifies me for the position.

4. Showcase your skills and accomplishments as an HR assistant

Once you have perfected your introduction, you will then move on to writing your cover letter’s body paragraphs. An HR assistant’s cover letter should have between 2 to 4 body paragraphs that provide a more in-depth look into their best skills, accomplishments, and qualifications.

As you describe your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications, remember to use as specific details as you can. Providing context and quantifiable information will make these details stand out to employers, helping to showcase the value you can contribute to their company.

Here are 6 examples of HR assistant skills to describe in a cover letter

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Conducting employee orientations and training
  • Administering and scoring applicant tests
  • Knowledge of HR software
  • Managing HR inquiries
  • Maintaining digital records

Here is an example of how to describe an accomplishment in an HR assistant cover letter

As an HR assistant at [Former Employer], I played a key role in the digital support of the HR department. I helped source and install a new HR software that improved inquiry resolution time by 15%, which helped raise employee satisfaction rates by 35%.

5. Conclude your HR assistant cover letter effectively

The fifth and final step for writing your HR assistant cover letter is to write a memorable closing statement. In this statement, you should include:

  • An enthusiastic sentence saying you are looking forward to hearing from them
  • An additional sentence stating you will follow up, including how you will contact them or how they can contact you
  • A formal sign-off

Here is an example of a strong conclusion from an HR assistant cover letter

The prospect of working for your company and being accepted for this opportunity greatly excites me and I look forward to speaking with you in person soon. To best reach me, you may contact me at (123) 456-7890 any weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If I have not heard from you by next Tuesday, I will reach back out to check in on the status of my application.

Many Thanks,

[Applicant Name]

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Published on April 21, 2022

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