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Human Resources Intern Resume Example (Text version)

Irwin Jacobs

Address: 99, Street 99, 99999, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date of birth: 1991-19-09
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999


  • I am a senior student at the University of Economics and Law, majoring in International Business.
  • A fast learner and hard worker with high responsibility is seeking for an Internship opportunity.


09/2015 - present, International Business, University of Economics and Law


Project "Trái Tim Đanko"
Project "Run to Future 2017"


  • Sinh Vien 5 tot
  • Scientific research at Relations Falcuty


07/2018 - 09/2018, Recruiter Intern, Acacy Co.,Ltd
  • Responsible of contacting candidates.
  • Take preliminary interview.


Microsoft Office

Cognitive traits

Attention Control - 100%
Processing Consistency - 95%
Planning Speed - 76%
Flexibility with Switching - 71%
Flexibility in Multitasking - 61%
Planning Efficiency - 51%

Emotional traits

Social traits

Fairness - 90%
Learning from Feedback - 85%


Listen to music
Play and watch football
Position Overview:

Human Resources Intern

A Human Resources (HR) Intern is usually an individual straight out of higher education, or is still undergoing it, and seeks this opportunity to get exposure to a workplace environment. HR Intern responsibilities usually include routine tasks like updating employee records with new hire information, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. Managing the process they themselves may go through! Ultimately though, they assist in coordinating and organizing the company’s HR policies and procedures. Usual requirements for the position are experience with office software, some outside school experience like volunteering, and organizational skills.

Company Overview:

Acacy is a leading outsourcing company that specializes in training, mass recruitment, and expertise. They ensure that clients can rely of well-trained outsourced staff. Among the services which this staff can provide are tailor-made applications made by a full time IT expert team, aiding in filling replacement vacancy free of charge and mass recruitment services. As you can see, the company is involved in really doing a lot of things. That means workers are exposed to a professionally diverse environment, in which it is easy to learn something new and get involved in projects that may be previously out of their competence.

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How to write your own Human Resources Intern resume?

1. Fill the space with a brief description of yourself

Due to the way things usually are at the workplace, interns are not very well-known among the full-time employees, bared the internship supervisor. Even if interns are assigned a supervisor or are applying to assist in a particular person’s team, that person can have a hard time referring to them. Working people want to avoid this kind of confusion, so they will not pick up resumes that do not stand out. 

The way you can make yourself seem different, maybe even command respect despite applying to be an intern, is to ‘introduce’ yourself to the readers. Describe who you are, what you do, and why you applied in full sentences. They will be drawn to it and remember that you specifically pointed these things out to them. 

Human Resources Intern Profile Example

  • "I am a senior student at the University of Economics and Law, majoring in International Business."

  • "A fast learner and hard worker with high responsibility is seeking for an internship opportunity."

2. Give information regarding your background and experience

Interns aren’t expected to have a lot of previous experience working in an actual industry but having something to put down to fill this gap in is definitely a plus. 

Even if you do not have work experience, writing down other kinds of activities that you may have partaken in which resemble work. Having participated in volunteering activities, receiving awards for completing courses, or winning competitions ca all help build the image of yourself as a starting professional who is truly ready to take on the industry. Also, make sure that the activities you put down are all relevant to the HR field so that you do not overload the resume with unnecessary information.

Human Resources Intern Experience Example

Recruiter Intern / Acacy Co., Ltd (07/2018 – 09/2018)

  • "Responsible for contacting candidates."

  • "Taking preliminary interviews."

3. Play around with the visual aspects of the resume

If you do not have as much professional work experience, try adding on other things which could paint a portrait of you as a worker. Indicate your cognitive traits, social skills, work ethic, and more. This is also somewhere, where you can experiment with making the resume more interesting visually.

For example, when listing cognitive abilities, quantify the extent to which you excel at applying these skills in school or university, your volunteering job, or in day-to-day life. You can try doing this by mini-charts or other graphical representations.

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