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Food and Safety Specialist at Steritech Resume Sample (Text version)

Emma Johnson

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


Natural Team-leader with proven history of growth and expansion looking to turn a great group of people into an outstanding team that meets all goals. I am a motivated individual applying my organizational skills and ability to delegate responsibility towards achieving company goals.

Work experience

08/2017 - present, Quality Auditor, Caterpillar, Decatur, IL, USA

Previous Positions: Assembler

05/2015 - 02/2016, Tray Runner, St.Marys Hospital, Decatur, IL, USA
02/2014 - 10/2017, Restaurant General Manager, Pizza Hut, Decatur, IL, USA

Previous Positions: Server, Shift Leader, & Assistant Manager


2016 - 2018, Business Management, Excelsior College, USA
2011 - 2015, General, Lutheran School Association, Decatur, IL, USA


Quality Assurance (Quality Auditor)

1+ year of experience in Quality Assurance including performing audits on finished product, using my strong attention to detail to find defects during audits, writing up AQE’s (All Quality Events) on various events and issues related to the product.


2 + years of manager experience including delegating tasks, overseeing a team of employees, & using critical thinking to solve unexpected issues and make decisions on short notice

Customer Service

3+ years Customer Service Experience

Assisted customers in all my various positions at Pizza Hut, using problem solving skills. Managing my time well while trying to assist customers, and also while having a schedule to follow while delivering trays at St. Mary’s.


Communicated with the team I lead as well as other management counterparts about the expectations from them all and our goals on a weekly/monthly basis.


Recognition : National Honors’ Society- 2013


Ability to prioritize
Attention to detail

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