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Customer Service Agent at Wyndham Resume Example (Text version)

John Travolta

Address: 999 Bougainvillea, 99999, LA, California
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Phone number: 999-999-9999


I'm a dedicated individual with 10+ years of customer service experience. I believe in filling one's purpose through commitment and perseverance. It is my personal objective to gain new experiences and form strong connections. I seek to grow as an employee within the company, as well as with my career.  

Work experience

03/2017 - 09/2017, Room Service Cashier, Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, Orlando, FL

Assisted resort guests with room service orders while maintaining a professional manner. Processed cash and credit payments, during meal service, through the use of Micros POS. Ensured guest satisfaction while upholding company policies and procedures. Ensured the accuracy and quantity of every order.

09/2016 - 12/2016, Waiter/Room Steward, American Cruise Lines, New York

Provided fine dining service in a fast paced environment. Hosted cocktail hours and banquet events throughout the ship. Accommodated guest needs throughout the ship on a daily basis. Attended to multiple guest rooms by providing a clean and comfortable atmosphere. A short contract while working seven days a week allowed me to develop strong teamwork and quick-thinking skills.

06/2014 - 02/2016, Assistant Waiter, Norwegian Cruise Line, Honolulu, HI

Supported in the delivery of meals, while providing guest with exceptional service. Learned and practiced banquet style services. Supported fellow crew members during dining service. Gained knowledge of dining skills and expanded knowledge of food menu items. Learned well-placed teamwork and restaurant strategies.

01/2008 - 05/2014, Room Service Cashier/Server, The Villas of Grand Cypress Golf Resort, Orlando, FL

Acquired knowledge of cash handling and improvement of people skills, as well as teamwork. Provided personal service for guests in villas and handled cash payments. While working I would keep a detailed logging of the orders and their service times. Also, provided table service for guest during orders.


07/2004 - 07/2006, Theatre Arts, Francis Marion University, Florence, South Carolina

Gained experience in production and the process of dramatic works, while studying set design and backstage work. Learned costume and prop design. Assisted in box office and ticket sales for theater plays. Performance included roles from theatricals works such as "Romeo & Juliet" to "Red Herring" and etc. 

08/2000 - 05/2004, Lakewood High School, Sumter, South Carolina


  • More than ten years experience within the hospitality and restaurant industry.
  • Accustomed to the knowledge of cashier and micros operating system.
  • A sociable and interactive nature towards others.
  • Worked in fast-paced dining environments.
  • Ability to multi-task and adapt to any given situation, while serving multiple guests.
  • Always a team player and always willing to help.
  • Trained and certified for medical and fire emergencies.




Sense of humor
Detail oriented
Action oriented
Engaging personality
Position Overview:

Customer Service Agent

For a general summary of what the job of Customer Service Agents entails, one should simply think of all the retail and service employees that have ever assisted them regarding a problem that came up regarding a product or service. Customer Service Agents are anyone’s ‘go-to’ person for getting more information about a company’s goods or services and challenges encountered along the way. They have to be skilled communicators and have to be profoundly knowledgeable about their employer’s policies and goods. Customer Service Agent is a position offered to people across different industries, so the technical aspect of the job can differ greatly depending on who you talk to.

Company Overview:

Wyndham hotels & resorts is the biggest hotel franchising company in the world. The company’s brands and 9200 hotels can be found in over 80 countries, giving frequent travelers the possibility of using up and gaining benefits almost anywhere they go. The firm’s more than 15,000 team members are well taken care of. Employees frequently refer to a good work/life balance while working for Wyndham, also praising good company culture and office environment. At times, workers get frustrated with the lack of vertical growth opportunities at the company, which we think is a consequence of the huge scale at which the enterprise operates.

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How to write your own Customer Service Agent resume?

1. Outline what you think makes a good customer service professional

Customer Service Agent is a job that can take on many different forms. Depending on the industry but also on the individual, it is a position which is usually performed according to plans and visions that aren’t pre-conceived by an authority. Sure, they may be guidelines, but the bulk of what the job is mainly about coming from the person doing it.

Recruiters will be looking for hints of how the applicant will conduct themselves while on the job. So, it is imperative you give them your vision and your ideas for what makes a good Customer Service Agent. Ideally, use the space you have to make an argument for why you fit that vision well too.

Customer Service Agent Resume Profile Example

  • "I'm a dedicated individual with 10+ years of customer service experience. I believe in filling one's purpose through commitment and perseverance. It is my personal objective to gain new experiences and form strong connections. I seek to grow as an employee within the company, as well as with my career."

2. List the different strengths with which you can help the company

Clarity and brevity are crucial to a good resume. As well as meaningful content that conveys why you would be great for the position you are applying to. A resume for a position as guided by personal visions and preferences as this one would benefit from a little bit of structure.

Give your resume that structure by creating a list or simply naming all the different benefits that your presence can reap the company you are applying to. If you have an unusually big amount of experience in customer service, be sure to emphasize that, for example. Foreign language proficiency as well as other soft skills are always something that can be mentioned.

Customer Service Agent Resume Skills Example

  • "More than ten years of experience within the hospitality and restaurant industry."

  • "Accustomed to the knowledge of cashier and micros operating system."

  • "A sociable and interactive nature towards others."

  • "Worked in fast-paced dining environments."

3. Describe instances where you’ve successfully fulfilled your duties in customer service

In customer service, your performance is best described not by your superiors but by the customers who give you or those superiors feedback on how you handled their queries. Hence, to give an all-encompassing preview of whether you are fit for this position, it would be very helpful for you to include some references about your abilities with your application. This can be something from a previous position you held or even from outside the workplace like a volunteering experience. Have some of your previous clients or supervisors put together a cohesive account of what their experience had been when you served them. 

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