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Business Process Analyst CV Sample
Position Overview:

Business Process Analyst

A Business Process Analyst (BPA) is a specialized Business Analyst, who focuses on “thinking processes”. They draw on inferences from product details and connect them to a bigger picture by considering a firm’s goals in identifying possible process improvements. Usually, a BPA has the ability to order and structure a large amount of information within a procedural framework. They have knowledge of process mapping and business reengineering. They need these skills to facilitate workshops, create procedural documents, and presenting new process designs to stakeholders or their supervisors. An average UK salary for a BPA oscillates somewhere around £37,500 and can go all the way up to £80,000.

Company Overview:

Genpact is a worldwide professional services company, at the forefront of driving digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled operations for their clients. With experience gathered from working with multiple of their Fortune 500 clients, they deduced the most efficient method to design, create solutions, and solve problems is with data analytics. As any leading firm, working here means you get a lot of space to grow professionally, with many opportunities and projects to partake in. Their pay and benefits are also adequately rewarding but do not increase at as constant of a rate as elsewhere. But that is, of course, because it is already quite high.

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How to write your own Business Process Analyst resume?

1. Showcase the basis for your qualifications

Being a Business Analyst requires one to have many skills that have to be well-developed from the ground up. This means that every successful applicant should have received good quality instruction on data analysis, interpretation, and reporting. 

This is all something that can be well-taught in any good institution of higher education. Hence, if you boast a good diploma or certificate that laid the foundation to you being able to approach all problems without issue, definitely include it in your resume. It will show the recruiters you aren’t likely to make any “beginner” mistakes. Formal credibility may often seem redundant nowadays, but good recruiters will always appreciate it.

Business Process Analyst Education Example

  • "MSc Business Analytics || H1, First Class Honors 1.1 / National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland (09/2017 – 08/2018)"

  • "Computer Engineering || H2.1, Second Class Honors / Kurukshetra University, India"

2. Point out how you can go about working on a project

Business Managers are likely to be among the group of people hiring new BPAs. These people usually like to know what exactly they will work with then they hire a person and how that person would deal with their commands.

This requires you to draw out the ways, strategies, and tools you would use when having to deal with a request from a supervisor. Creating a list of your strengths and tools which you are able to use in your resume will help in visualizing what your supervisors can expect you to be like once hired. With luck, you will be exactly what they need.

Business Process Analyst Strengths Example

  • "Analytical, Leadership, Customer-Driven, Team-working"

3. Support your application with evidence

Nothing can really as accurate and truthful of an account to your capability than your practical experience and successes. Therefore, be sure to write down the activities you undertook and contributed to their success. Furthermore, be sure to include extra documentation describing how exactly you did that. Ideally, you want this to be produced independently, not by you. Collect references, data reports, and other things which can serve as evidence to you really being a viable and valuable worker.

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