How to write a great brand ambassador manager resume?

As a brand ambassador manager, you’ll be the face of a brand. You’ll help build brand awareness and raise sales. That means you need to be really good at promoting yourself. And writing a strong resume is a good starting place for just that.

Okay, hold on. Truth be told, brand ambassadors often don't need to write resumes. Companies approach them, not the other way around. But if, for any reason, you're in a situation where you have to write a resume to become a brand ambassador, this quick guide might help.

A well-drafted brand ambassador manager resume should mainly show that you’re skilled in various areas, including leadership, communication, delegation, and negotiation.

1. Showcase your leadership experience

As a brand ambassador manager, you’ll be required to demonstrate that you know how to lead and work with a group of individuals. That’s why, if you’re applying for this position, including leadership experience in the work experience section of your CV is crucial.

To make it even more impactful, add numbers to the specific accomplishments to show the real results of your work. In the end, it’s much more effective than just saying “I’m a true leader”.

But how to best present leadership experience in your brand ambassador manager work experience section?

Example of brand ambassador manager work experience section

  • Managed all phases of product development and launched 5 new products which increased market share by 15% in 2017 and by 12% in 2018.
  • Led a multifunctional team, including R&D, supply chain, and operations to devise and deliver new product development, with a brand, product, and category directions.
  • Received promotion, then hired, trained and supervised 4 junior employees.

2. Talk about other relevant brand ambassador manager achievements

Of course, your work experience section shouldn’t be devoted only to your leadership skills and experience.

It should also reflect other important skills and abilities which would make you a perfect candidate for the brand ambassador manager job.

Mention other relevant quantifiable achievements, such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing sales
  • Number of organized or attended events
  • Number of collected leads
  • How big of a budget you controlled
  • Launch of products
  • Boost in customer ratings
  • Number of written press releases or articles
  • Number of mentions in media
  • Work for well-known brands

But what does it look like in practice?

Example of quantifiable achievements on a resume

  • Increased sales by over 50% within one month.
  • Promoted brand in well-known media outlets — gave interviews to CNN, BBC, and The Guardian, among others.
  • Organized more than 30 events and 10 press conferences.
  • Awarded Employee of the Month for significantly increasing the brand awareness and website traffic by 700% within two years.

Other brand ambassador manager skills that you can cover in your resume are: customer service, collaboration, writing, communication, public speaking, promotional skills, data entry, PR, media relations, and social media.

However, this also depends on what a specific job ad requires. For instance, if they want product knowledge, writing, and speaking skills, try to mainly focus on those — both in your resume skills section and work experience descriptions.

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3. Polish your social media profiles and include them on your resume

Today, brand ambassador managers also promote brands via their own social media channels. That means companies are looking for candidates with social media experience and those with more followers and connections are, naturally, perceived as more desirable candidates.

Therefore, you should have a good social media presence and at least a medium sized network.

Since hiring managers will want to see your social media profiles, you should directly present them on your brand ambassador manager resume.

Create a separate resume section called “Social media” and include there:

  • The name of the social media platform or your username
  • Links to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube
  • Alternatively, you can add a description, e.g. number of followers

You can even add a link to your personal website (if you have any) that showcases your work as a brand ambassador manager — whether you present there demo reels, photos from events, media articles, or anything else related to your work.

Finally, if you're looking for more general tips on how to write a great resume, check out our comprehensive "How to write a resume" guide.

Published on May 31, 2022

A journalist by trade, a writer by fate. Nikoleta went from writing for media outlets to exploring the world of content creation with Kickresume and helping people get closer to the job of their dreams. Her insights and career guides have been published by The Female Lead, College Recruiter, and ISIC, among others. When she’s not writing or (enthusiastically) pestering people with questions, you can find her traveling or sipping on a cup of coffee.

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