Amazon Systems Administrator Resume Sample

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Amazon Systems Administrator Resume Sample
Company Overview:

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies with 10,000+ employees and revenue $10+ billion per year. It offers a competitive salary, various cool employee benefits, and a lot of opportunities for growth. However, things can be very siloed and bureaucratic in such big companies. Get ready for too many information, too many emails, and little guidance. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, accept the challenges and prove yourself, you will be very successful here. Some Amazon employees praise a four-day work week, whereas some claim that kitchen could have better snack options. It all depends on your priorities.

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What professions is this resume sample for?

Server Administrator. IT Administrator. Systems Operator. Server Operator. Systems Service and maintenance Engineer.

What is it like to get hired by Amazon?

It is common knowledge that Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Its value has increased a hundred-fold over a couple of years, resulting in its rapid expansion in different business areas. With this expansion comes a necessity of keeping up maintenance and administration, so that the business model, much focused on customer service, is not undermined. To work in Amazon’s systems administration, therefore, means always having a lot to do. Anything from day-to-day duties to coming up with creative solutions to problems or new systems configurations. Working as a Systems Administrator at Amazon usually earns one a salary of around $64k.

Who is a Systems Administrator?

In a highly computerized business such as Amazon, it is vital to have experts within the company, who maintain the technology which most of its services rely on. Systems Administrators are the individuals who do that. They are people with good knowledge of IT and computer science, most importantly multi-user computers.

What does a Systems Administrator do?

The responsibilities of a Systems Administrator range from configuration to upkeep of computer systems. They address issues which may arise with technology that is already being used or try to make it more efficient by experimenting with different settings and configurations. They are also a key factor when a company is expanding its IT systems to house more of they services. Hence, they are required to cooperate with the other IT specialists to come up with ways to implement the required tech with no to minimal disruption and as effectively as possible.

How to write your Systems Administrator resume?

1. Summarize your profile

Listing work experience is an important part of any resume, as all people know. To make your resume stand out however, you should add something that will make a potential employer remember you and give them a rough idea of what your history is, what kind of worker you are. It will give them a point of reference to whenever they will be discussing you as a candidate for the job. Additionally, it will help you give some of your personal characteristics some spotlight.

Systems Administrator Profile Summary Example

  • Telecom Engineer with IT experience. Worked in the most important telecom company in Peru across different areas. Got experience managing servers, application servers and cloud tools (Cloudfoundry, GIT, AWS). Love learning new things or tools every day. If I do not know something I will learn it.

2. Point out relevant skills

It is important that you give the recruiter also something that can form an idea of what specific work you are capable of doing. In the IT fields, there are a lot of ways a company can go when implementing systems for new services. It is therefore beneficial for a company to hire employees who can support it no matter which decision its management or IT specialists make. Anything that can show you can use many useful tools to get things done is, therefore, a must on your resume.

Computer Skills

  • Unix - Expert
  • Cloud - AWS - Expert
  • GIT - VERY -  Intermediate
  • Jenkins - Expert

3. Sell yourself with any outstanding material

After describing your proficiency at using technological tools to complete a firm’s request, it is brilliant to back that up by evidence. Any achievements or awards you received to your great work in a previous job or professional competition are exactly something like that. They are also a further ‘differentiator’ and attention-grabber of your resume, increasing the probability that a recruiter will remember you when making their choice.


  • Selected as the only Peruvian for an international Telecom Program. I got promoted in less than a year in my current job. Increased the company's revenue by reducing the fines due to network disruptions.

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