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Amazon Software Development Engineer Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Software Development Engineer

As a software development engineer at Amazon, you can work on various projects. Generally, you will be designing, developing, testing and delivering large-scale systems. You will be also gathering and analysing business requirements and transforming them into solutions. If you’d like to get a software development engineer job, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. Moreover, you should have 2+ years of professional software development experience and proficiency in at least one modern programming language. As for personal traits, you should have excellent communication, analytical, and problem solving skills.

Company Overview:

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies with 10,000+ employees and revenue $10+ billion per year. It offers a competitive salary, various cool employee benefits, and a lot of opportunities for growth. However, things can be very siloed and bureaucratic in such big companies. Get ready for too many information, too many emails, and little guidance. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, accept the challenges and prove yourself, you will be very successful here. Some Amazon employees praise a four-day work week, whereas some claim that kitchen could have better snack options. It all depends on your priorities.

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How to write your own Software Development Engineer resume?

1. It’s all about the results

Imagine you have two resumes in front of you. The first one lists basic information and job duties, whereas the second one highlights specific results and achievements. Which one would impress you more? The one with the accomplishments, of course. That’s why your resume should revolve around key career achievements.

You should include them wherever you can – in your professional summary, work experience, education, or skills section. Always try to quantity them. In the end, claiming that you “Improved customer satisfaction” isn’t as impressive as stating that you “Improved customer satisfaction by 30%”. You can also use bullet points to give it a better structure.

The resume above does just that. In the work experience section, it doesn’t only list job duties but rather highlights specific accomplishments and provides specific numbers. The same applies to education section where the candidate mentions how many articles, books or web standard documents he wrote.

Software Development Engineer Work Experience Example

R&D Engineer 3D Printing

Materialise 02/2006 - 12/2007

  • Developed the stereo-lithography printers (production 3D printers), and their control software.

  • Implemented monitoring services for integration into other business services (IoT).

  • Increased productivity of the printers with 20% while reducing the raw material consumption with 20% by improving the process control.

2. Show all your skills

As a software development engineer, you usually master more than just one framework or one programming language. So, it’s very important to present your full skillset. There’s no better place for that than a skills section. Mention all programming languages, frameworks, or technologies that you can work with. However, only list those where you have a level of proficiency.

Just like the resume above. Candidate’s skills include programming languages, web technologies, data modelling, big data, etc. All of these are highly relevant to the job position of software development engineer:

Software Development Engineer Skills Example

  • Programming languages - Java, Javascript, NodeJS, C++

  • Web Technologies - Rest, Web Sockets, J2EE, HTML5, CSS

  • Data Modelling - JS0N, RDF, RDFS, OWL, N3, XML, XSLT

  • Data Management - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Lucene - SOLR, Memcached, DynamoDB

3. Use industry-specific keywords

It’s not very common to include a separate keywords section on your resume. Or a keywords subsection in your work experience section. But why not? It gives hiring managers a better overview of technologies that you have used while working for a specific company or a project.

It also helps your resume to get past ATS systems which recruiters usually use. Just write down the keywords from the job description and see where it overlaps with your skillset.

Software Development Engineer Keywords Example

IoT, team management, Big Data, machine learning, cloud infrastructures, java, solving complex problems

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