Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist Resume Example

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Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist Resume Example
Position Overview:

Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist

Usually the key responsibilities of a professional with this very long title are establishing and providing senior leadership in the development of a company’s IT infrastructure’s security features. This means creating and installing technological systems that ensure a firm’s internal IT systems are not compromised by external threats like hackers and computer viruses. These people have to have profound knowledge of the most minute technical details to really create something that’s fool-proof and efficient at the same time. Therefore, expert knowledge of IT is a necessity, as are communication skills and clarity due to them having to explain their decisions and moves to their superiors.

Company Overview:
Arab Monetary Fund

The Arab Monetary Fund is a working sub-organization of the Arab League, focusing on the correction and balancing of payment of its member states, improvement of Arab monetary cooperation, end encouragement of the development of Asian financial markets. One of its aims is actually paving the way to a unified Arab currency, similar to the Euro. As a big multilateral financial institution, workers are well compensated and actually have good working hours. A likely reward for driving the Arab markets in the right direction. Still, due to its structure and nature of its operations, the workload and management can be quite strict and workload chaotic.

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How to write your own Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist resume?

1. Demonstrate the full extent of your expertise

A job where you oversee a process to its smallest technical details will have recruiters looking for people who really know their stuff. Therefore, you want your resume to convey this about yourself. Think of multiple ways with which you can do that.

One method we’d suggest is listing all the tools, that you are able to use proficiently. Adding a visual aid to describe your proficiency be sympathetic to readers because if you admit that you are better at using some tools and worse at using others, it shows that you still have something to learn and know about it, presumably meaning you are willing to work on your development.

Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist Skills Example

  • "Microsoft Infrastructure - Excellent"

  • "Servers (Dell, HP, UCS) - Excellent"

  • "Virtualization (VMware, Critix, Microsoft) - Very Good"

  • "Datacenter Operations -Very Good"

  • "Cloud (Private, Public, Hybrid, Amazon, Azure) - Good"

2. Point out notable achievements from the past

It’s one thing to be skilled at using certain software or hardware, but it is another thing to be able to use them for a specific purpose and deliver.

It is important that you show you are a capable worker and are able to use your abilities to reach complete the assignments you get in the workplace. A way of adding more value to yourself as a worker, make sure to describe all the successful outcomes of your work from your previous posts. Really only pick things that are relevant and noteworthy! You do not want to bog readers down with unnecessary detail.

Sr. IT Infrastructure Security Specialist Work Experience Example

Alzahra Hospitals Dubai, Dubai, UAE / Sr. Infrastructure Security Specialist (04/2017 – present)

Joined the health care group as part of the core HIS system planning and implementation for 4 hospitals. Main responsibilities are:

  • "Evaluate the infrastructure security exposure and readiness for the new HIS system."

  • "Designing and implementing infrastructure and application hardening methodologies (Servers, Storage, Network, Data Stores, Endpoints, Users) including least privileges, firewalls policies, access control, SSO, IAM, IPS, Encryption….etc."

3. Use appropriate technical language

Our last piece of advice really should be something you follow throughout your entire application, including your cover letter, and any other documentation. It will only help you further convey that you really are a person who will efficiently perform their tasks due to their expertise and will communicate their moves appropriately to everyone concerned with what you’re doing too.

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