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Digital Marketing Resume Sample (Textversion)

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Address: Alamanda, 99999, Depok, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesia
Date of birth: 1995-01-01
Email address:
Phone number: 999999999


Designated as the local contact for all media relations. Spearheaded multimedia marketing campaigns. Designing, creating and managing content across multiple communication platforms. Developed presentation, communication and mentoring skills.

Work experience

05/2013 - 10/2013, Marketing, ANZ Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Build an efficient and effective team.
  • Negotiations with events sponsors.
  • Participate with the team in making offers for sponsors.
  • Networking and communication with other parties.
  • Upgrading the brand image of the company.
  • Pricing strategy development, from formulating hypotheses, testing their impact and final results analyses to adjustments implementation.
  • Affecting company culture via presentations and consultation to become more data-driven.
  • Managing e-commerce personalization project.
05/2016 - 05/2017, Digital Marketing, Kaymedia, Lampung, Indonesia
  • Developed multi-platform advertising campaign for retail client.
  • Executed digital strategy for account, while also outperforming competition in all engagement metrics.
  • Collaborate with marketing staff in the development and production of visual content.
  • Coordinate live-streaming events’ social media interaction and broadcast. Assist with creating post-production content for further use across media channels.
  • Create content for email marketing campaigns.
  • Identify social media opportunities and develop an actionable plan for execution.
  • Recommend and develop strategies for growing and leveraging our social media follower base using promotions, contests, polls, ads, surveys and referral programs.


06/2014 - present, Informatics Engineering, University of Indraprasta PGRI, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Analyzing and developing database by gathered data from all of branches.
  • Organizing information by studying, analyzing, interpreting and classifying data.
  • Worked on automating of vulnerability assessment framework for network device configurations.


Linux shell scripting
Operating System
Kali Linux


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Capturing moments
Feeling the music
Every kind of sport

Digital Marketing

With the incredible rise of the whole television and then the Internet era, a completely new marketing field was created. Marketing where producing average advertisements is not enough and where you have to fight for the consumer's attention. It's called Digital Marketing. It's actually become so popular that the companies are spending millions of dollars on the professionals from this field and if you are good you will be a very hot demand. But what do these people do? One thing is for sure, their main goal is to let people know about a specific company and its' products which will then hopefully lead to new sales and a growth in revenue. Therefore, they spend most of their time on tasks, such as creating content for social media, developing marketing plans and strategies, executing advertising campaigns, analyzing marketing data, and writing articles and blog posts.


If you are looking for a corporate experience within the company with many management layers where any change takes a long time then Big Cartel is probably not the right place for you. However, if you want to be a part of a privately-held organization, which deeply cares about its' people, with less than 100 employees that are all working toward a common mission then you should definitely search for their career opportunities. Speaking of their goals, since 2005 they have been creating tools and resources for artists, makers, and small brands to help them build original online stores and run their businesses. The average salaries at Big Cartel range from $93,407 to $111,227.

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How to write your own Digital Marketing resume?

1. Describe your work responsibilities

Do not simply mention all of your previous job positions but include specific longer points which better explain what you worked on or were in charge of. To do this, try to use action verbs like developed, coordinatedmanaged, etc. Explaining your responsibilities will show to the hiring managers what you are good at and will also display you as a pro-active individual who likes to take action. Where possible include numbers to the work responsibilities to transform them into achievements. This additional step will make your resume even better!

Digital Marketing Resume Work Responsibilities Example

  • "Developed a multi-platform advertising campaign for a retail client."

  • "Executed a digital strategy for the account, while also outperforming the competition in all engagement metrics."

  • "Coordinated live-streaming events’ social media interaction and broadcast. Assisted with creating post-production content for further use across media channels."

  • "Identified social media opportunities and developed an actionable plan for execution."

2. Include additional resume sections

Creating an awesome work experience section which will immediately catch the eye is great but your resume should not be only about that. Its' main task is to develop a more complex image of you as a potential employee. That's why adding other sections is so important. These should include profileeducation, skillsand possibly volunteering (if applicable). Only include the most relevant stuff and don't make it too long. Remember, resume is not about explaining every little detail of your life. The resume above provides a great example of how to balance it out.

3. Add your contact information

This point may sound trivial but you wouldn't believe how many people don't do it. In reality, including the contact information section is as essential as any other part of building a good resume. Of course, there is some information which must be mentioned and others which should definitely be left out. For example, it is necessary to always include your name, phone number, and email address. You can also add a link to your LinkedIn profile or your online portfolio. On the other hand, information like date of birth and nationality should be avoided.

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