The new version of Kickresume seeks to give its users an even bigger edge over other job seekers.

Kickresume has recently released a drastically improved version of their resume builder and introduced new templates designed by skilled typographers and experienced recruiters.

Having a flawless resume built around professional typography can increase a job seeker's chances of getting hired by as much as 60%.

New features and benefits include:

  • New resume and cover letter template designs built around pixel-perfect typography: We had a data analyst analyze how Kickresume users use templates and based on these findings, our skilled typographers and designers redesigned all of them. They adjusted the typefaces, line heights, spacing and margins, and all the little details that make text easily readable and beautiful to look at. As a result, new templates excel in terms of readability.
  • New user interface and live preview: Kickresume’s user interface has been given a new, cleaner look and allows users to see more information inside a single screen. Now they don't have to leave the editing screen to make changes to any part of their resume.
  • Guides and examples incorporated into the editor: With the right know-how, a job search can be made much easier. Our customers can now access guides, resume and cover letter examples from inside the editor, without getting distracted from writing.
  • That's not all: New guides, resume scoring, improvement suggestions, and a personal career assistant called Kick who helps our customers create their perfect resume.

Carefully designed and tested for more than one year, the new version of Kickresume is expected to give Kickresume’s users an edge over other job seekers.

At the same time, Kickresume's pricing remains unchanged. It still allows users to create basic resumes for free.

More advanced features are paid and users can choose from 3 paid premium plans.

A free premium plan for 6 months is granted to students to help them start their careers.

The main goal of Kickresume has always been to give our users an edge over other job seekers. However, job search is changing and we need to change with it if we want to maintain that edge. That’s why we have been working on a complete redesign for the past year. It allowed us to ensure it meets all current job search trends and Kickresume users’ expectations. Tomáš Ondrejka, Co-Founder at Kickresume

What are Kickresume's plans for future updates?

Support for more languages: Kickresume already allows users to create documents in any language, however, they also want their users to enjoy the app in some of the most popular languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, or Italian.

Mobile app: Even though the web app works well inside a mobile web browser, Kickresume is already developing a native iOS mobile app to give its users a better user experience while building or editing their documents on-the-go.