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Promotions Assistant Cover Letter Example (Version di testo)

Sophie Espinar

Bramen Corporation, Inc.
Sydney, Australia
Application for the position of Promotions Assistant

Dear Sir/Madam,

Possessing considerable industry experience, I am pleased to be submitting my application for the Promotions Assistant job within Bramen Corporation, Inc. in Sydney, Australia. I am confident that I am fully qualified for the role and also believe that it would an opportunity of a lifetime for me to further improve my expertise and grow both personally and professionally.

As stated in my enclosed resume, I am a performance-driven and dedicated human resources/marketing professional with excellent communication skills and the important ability to work and perform well in team environments. Moreover, I am offering an extraordinary proven track record of success in developing and implementing original advertising campaigns which increase revenue and significantly improve brand awareness. At Omada Corp., Inc., I was not only recognized by the company executives for achieving exceptional results but I was also awarded Employee of the Month twice for constantly performing excellent work. Furthermore, I worked on the production of digital content for multiple social media platforms and represented the company at various industry events and conferences. This valuable experience has allowed me to acquire important leadership skills and helped to develop the ability to function well under pressure.

Additionally, I am a Certified Marketing Management Professional possessing a strong attention to detail and accuracy and a deep passion for the job. I am a holder of a Human Resources Management degree from the Melbourne University where I also served as a Social Media Account Manager for one year. This activity provided me with a great chance to gain more field knowledge and collaborate with marketing professionals from around the world. Last but not least, I am skilled in using multiple important industry software programs, for instance, HubSpot Marketing, RankActive, and Moz. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information on my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind regards,

Sophie Espinar

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